Community Update #1
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Community Update #1
12th June 


The purpose of this newsletter (and all future newsletters) is to improve the communication between the community and the team, and provide an insight into what we have been getting up to, bring up any points for discussion, and to advise what we will be working on in the future, to allow everyone a better understanding of what we're actually doing, and the actions that we are taking to help improve the current situation. Below will feature some information about things that have been done, or are in the works.


For both legal and tax purposes, I have registered Fearless as a Limited company. Not much should change in the community, though we are now GPDR registered, and should be complying with the relevant regulations for this. We have also updated the ToS, privacy policy, and have updated the cookie notice on the forums. Many of the protocols/guidelines for the team have also been updated and brought up to date. 

Due to the above, we have disabled the current donator page and will be moving to a new, subscription style system with two tiers of "Supporter". We're aiming to remove money packs, and potentially supplement this with a 2nd in-game currency of some description. The first tier of said supporter rank aims to match the current pricing scheme as much as possible, with a 2nd, more expensive tier with more benefits. We're still finalizing everything to do with this, and deciding whether/how to do a 2nd currency well, avoiding artificial money being pumped into the main economy. There are more costs involved with doing this properly (fees, taxes, etc.), and so unfortunately prices will increase slightly to account for this. I'll try and provide more information on this in coming days. 

Event Coordinator Stage 2s have now been rebranded to Event Manager and will will operate beside the admins to coordinate and manage events and the events team.

Licensing of Limelight CityRP 2

Having come to agreement with the Limelight development team, we have acquired licensing and rights to use CityRP 2 code. There are certain features that we would like to utilise within our own gamemode, and we will be investigating the feasibility of much of this within the team.

Migration of Server

We have migrated the server to a new host based in the United Kingdom, with better protection against DDoS attacks (the last of which we experienced around Christmas time), and some other potential networking benefits. The migration was slightly rocky, however, we believe this is now sorted, and will continue to monitor throughout the next month or so. If you experience any issues, pop me or Pollux a message and we can take a look.

With this, we have registered a few new domains that redirect to; and You may see the former used when requesting password resets or receiving any emails from the forums. Both can be used to connect to the server in console (e.g. connect, and may be utilised more in the future both internally and externally. 

Economy Changes

We're currently finalising the maths for the economy changes, having reviewed and reworked some of the methodology for the changes. The current system operates as follows:

  1. Refund inventory (not including legacy items) at 70% of their market value.
  2. Take combined total of money and refunded inventory, and then perform the following:
  3. Save all money up to $199,999 (this will not be affected by any tax or descale) 
  4. On any money between $199,999 and $499,999, tax at 50% and then add to the new total
  5. On any money between $499,999 and $749,999, tax at 55% and then add to the new total
  6. On any money between $749,999 and $999,999, tax at 60% and then add to the new total
  7. On any money between $999,999 and $4,999,999, tax at 70% and then add to the new total
  8. On any money above $4,999,999, tax at 80% and then add to the new total
  9. Divide the new total by 3 (this is the descale)
  10. Add the non-taxable amount ($199,999 unless user had less than this after refund of inventory) to the total.

To make this more easy to understand, I have added a section to the Financial Information on the Character page, which should provide an estimated total (not accounting for legacy items) you will be left with after the economy reset. The final tax brackets and inventory refund percentage are subject to change. "Legacy" players will receive some cosmetic item(s) once the descale is complete, as a form of recognition.

The below graphs somewhat visualise the effect on the economy, showing both the top 100 and then all active players excluding that top 100:

Spoiler :
[Image: Hq7tK3X.png]

Additionally, here is a WIP screenshot of the dynamic economy update progress. Dynamic economy will turn our current market into more of a player-run system, with only the essentials being like current and everything else controlled by players doing things on the server. This will be done using a supply/demand system, which relies on multiple aspects such as resources gathered by players. This will link in with crafting, which will help players circumvent stock, or produce items not available on the market. 

Spoiler :
[Image: raw?width=1469&height=615]

Hopefully this provides some sort of insight - these graphs may not be totally perfect, though they give a good idea of what will happen. These changes are of course extreme, though we hope that with other changes, there will be plenty for members to play for.

Other Changes

We are now using gluapack when joining the server, which should reduce joining times for players when they need to download lua files - the old GMod system of sending these files to the client is slow and uncompressed, whereas this should send in a compressed format with faster transfer rates. In testing, this can shave minutes off of initial connection times, and will likely be more noticeable for new players joining. 

livkx joins the contributor team, having had experience with both our gamemode and the LL cityrp2 gamemode. He has already worked on some bug fixes and improvements to current systems, and we're excited to see what's next!


We are currently going through the current vehicles available for purchase, and planning to cycle some of the lesser used ones with new models and improved scripts. We'll aim to release this in line with the economy changes. Feel free to post any suggested vehicles here, which we will then review. 

In the coming weeks, we will schedule a community forum/meeting on the Discord. I will post an announcement for this once we have determined a time/date for this. 


Hopefully this provides some insight into what has been happening over the past ~2 weeks, and this provides some information into the immediate future. If you have any questions, post them below. In the coming weeks, I'm hoping to open up more discourse with the community for future updates and the direction of the community, once these initial changes are made. 

Best Regards,
Joe Joe

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Great work lads. Already looking forward to more new changes to come
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Finally, a well needed sort of "wipe"
You're welcome for my existence
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Now thats what fearless needed an owner who has plans and shares them a pioneer keep doing your good work ;)
rip money
(06-12-2022, 08:38 PM)MrTibo Wrote: rip money

By looking at your signature you seem real tight, a true loss for you. I'm sorry.
You're welcome for my existence
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(06-12-2022, 08:38 PM)MrTibo Wrote: rip money

what money? Joy

OT: very nice to see all this, good job!
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[Image: kronk-its-all-coming-together.gif]

Big fan of these changes and the new direction, it's very exhilarating. Keep at it!
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Looking great. Can't wait to see things progress. Keep it up.

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