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Vehicle addition/replacement/changes suggestions
Hello all,

We're going to be taking a second pass through all of our content soon, this provides a perfect opportunity to potentially replace, add and remove some vehicles from the game. To make things easier, this thread will serve as a megathread for suggesting replacements or new additions. There's a few things you should be aware of though:
  • All cars will need VCmod support, you can check here:
  • We want each car to be small content wise, ideally 50mb or less uncompressed - exceptions can and probably will be made for unique vehicles or just cool cars. It's all about justifying the content size.
  • We need to make sure the vehicles have a balance between quality and performance, as nice as a million poly car looks we really don't need it. We also want to avoid cars that look really dated.
  • We don't want to replace things for the sake of it, if we already have that car (even if technically a different model) which is of decent quality there is no point in replacing it unless the replacement brings something new that makes it worth it.
  • Cars which serve a unique purpose or fulfil a niche which current cars don't are much more likely to be added than generic car #20.

To make things easier, stick to this template if you're suggesting a new car. Just reply to this thread with this:
[b]Car Name:[/b] (include a picture if not in the workshop link)
[b]Car Workshop Link:[/b]
[b]Car to replace:[/b] (if this is just an addition and not replacing anything, leave blank)
If you're not suggesting a new or replacement vehicle, don't worry about a template.

If you really like a car someone suggested, it's easier if you just like their post instead of replying.

Here's a list of every car currently on the server:
Spoiler: Every vehicle currently in the game
---Delivery Trucks---
Item Name: Mercedes Sprinter Box Truck
Cost: $220,000
UniqueID: deliverytruckbox
Model: models/LoneWolfie/merc_sprinter_boxtruck.mdl

Item Name: Mercedes Sprinter Large Van
Cost: $140,000
UniqueID: deliverytrucklwb
Model: models/LoneWolfie/merc_sprinter_lwb.mdl

Item Name: Mercedes Sprinter Small Van
Cost: $84,000
UniqueID: deliverytruckswb
Model: models/LoneWolfie/merc_sprinter_swb.mdl


---Government Vehicles---
Item Name: Ford Police Interceptor 2020
Cost: $400,000
UniqueID: policeinterceptor
Model: models/sentry/20explorer.mdl

Item Name: Chevrolet Suburban
Cost: $200,000
UniqueID: chevroletunmarked
Model: models/lonewolfie/chev_suburban_pol_und.mdl

Item Name: Emergency Chevrolet Suburban
Cost: $100,000
UniqueID: chevroletpolicecar
Model: models/lonewolfie/chev_suburban_pol.mdl

Item Name: Dodge Charger Pursuit Vehicle
Cost: $100,000
UniqueID: dodgechargerpolicecar
Model: models/tdmcars/emergency/dod_charger12.mdl

Item Name: S.W.A.T. Van
Cost: $100,000
UniqueID: swatvan
Model: models/sentry/swatvan.mdl

Item Name: Ambulance
Cost: $1,000
UniqueID: Ambulance
Model: models/lonewolfie/ford_f350_ambu.mdl

Item Name: Fire Engine
Cost: $1,000
UniqueID: Firetruck
Model: models/sentry/caison_fire.mdl

Item Name: Emergency Ford Crown Victoria
Cost: $1,000
UniqueID: crownvicpolicecar
Model: models/tdmcars/emergency/for_crownvic.mdl


Item Name: Jaguar F-Type
Cost: $650,000
UniqueID: jagftype
Model: models/tdmcars/jag_ftype.mdl

Item Name: Hummer H1 Alpha
Cost: $500,000
UniqueID: hummer
Model: models/LoneWolfie/hummer_h1_tc.mdl

Item Name: Nissan GT-R Black Edition
Cost: $500,000
UniqueID: nissangtr
Model: models/tdmcars/nissan_gtr.mdl

Item Name: Polars 6x6
Cost: $450,000
UniqueID: polaris6x6quad
Model: models/LoneWolfie/polaris_6x6.mdl


---Public Transportation---
Item Name: Bus
Cost: $1,000
UniqueID: Bus
Model: models/tdmcars/bus.mdl

Item Name: Cabbie
Cost: $1,000
UniqueID: Cabbie
Model: models/tdmcars/crownvic_taxi.mdl


Item Name: Cadillac DTS Limousine
Cost: $2,000,000
UniqueID: limousine
Model: models/perrynsvehicles/cadillac_dts_limousine/cadillac_dts_limousine.mdl

Item Name: Legacy BMW E46 M3 GTR
Cost: $1,000,000
UniqueID: bmwgtr_legacy
Model: models/als/fl/als_fearless_bmw.mdl

Item Name: McLaren P1
Cost: $1,000,000
UniqueID: mclaren
Model: models/tdmcars/mclaren_p1.mdl

Item Name: BMW E46 M3 GTR
Cost: $1,000,000
UniqueID: bmwgtr
Model: models/tdmcars/bmw_m3_gtr.mdl

Item Name: Tesla Model S
Cost: $650,000
UniqueID: teslamodels
Model: models/sentry/models.mdl

Item Name: Rolls-Royce Ghost
Cost: $600,000
UniqueID: rroyce
Model: models/metrohd/rroyce_ghost.mdl

Item Name: Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III 1963
Cost: $480,000
UniqueID: rollsroycesilvercloud
Model: models/crsk_autos/rolls-royce/silvercloud3.mdl

Item Name: Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black
Cost: $420,000
UniqueID: mercedesblack
Model: models/lonewolfie/mer_c63_amg.mdl

Item Name: Murcielago
Cost: $400,000
UniqueID: murcielago
Model: models/tdmcars/murcielago.mdl

Item Name: Bentley PM Continental GT
Cost: $400,000
UniqueID: bentley
Model: models/lonewolfie/bently_pmcontinental.mdl

Item Name: Porsche 918 Spyder
Cost: $380,000
UniqueID: porsche
Model: models/tdmcars/por_918.mdl

Item Name: Ferrari 250GT
Cost: $380,000
UniqueID: ferrari250gt
Model: models/tdmcars/ferrari250gt.mdl

Item Name: Ferrari 458 Spider
Cost: $350,000
UniqueID: spider
Model: models/tdmcars/fer_458spid.mdl

Item Name: Mercedes-Benz G65
Cost: $300,000
UniqueID: Mercedes
Model: models/LoneWolfie/mer_g65.mdl

Item Name: Tesla Model X
Cost: $285,000
UniqueID: teslamodelx
Model: models/crsk_autos/tesla/model_x_2015.mdl

Item Name: Dodge Charger
Cost: $250,000
UniqueID: dodgecharge
Model: models/tdmcars/dod_charger12.mdl

Item Name: Range Rover 08
Cost: $220,000
UniqueID: landrover
Model: models/tdmcars/landrover.mdl

Item Name: Aston V12 Vantage
Cost: $200,000
UniqueID: astonv12
Model: models/tdmcars/aston_v12vantage.mdl

Item Name: Tractor
Cost: $200,000
UniqueID: tractor
Model: models/props_vehicles/mohamed_rachid/agrotron_180_7.mdl

Item Name: Chevrolet Suburban
Cost: $200,000
UniqueID: chevroletsuburban
Model: models/lonewolfie/chev_suburban.mdl

Item Name: Audi RS4 Avant
Cost: $198,000
UniqueID: Audi
Model: models/tdmcars/aud_rs4avant.mdl

Item Name: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR
Cost: $195,000
UniqueID: mitsubishi
Model: models/tdmcars/mitsu_evox.mdl

Item Name: RV 1980s
Cost: $190,000
UniqueID: rv
Model: models/sentry/rv.mdl

Item Name: Nissan Skyline GTR R32
Cost: $190,000
UniqueID: nissan
Model: models/lonewolfie/nis_skyline_r32.mdl

Item Name: Toyota Supra
Cost: $190,000
UniqueID: supra
Model: models/tdmcars/supra.mdl

Item Name: Volvo S60R
Cost: $180,000
UniqueID: volvos60
Model: models/tdmcars/vol_s60.mdl

Item Name: Ford Mustang Boss 429
Cost: $160,000
UniqueID: mustang
Model: models/sentry/boss429.mdl

Item Name: Ford Raptor
Cost: $160,000
UniqueID: raptor
Model: models/tdmcars/for_raptor.mdl

Item Name: Chrysler 300C
Cost: $155,000
UniqueID: chrysler300c
Model: models/tdmcars/chr_300c.mdl

Item Name: Volkswagen Camper 1965
Cost: $150,000
UniqueID: vmcamper1965
Model: models/tdmcars/vw_camper65.mdl

Item Name: Ford Deluxe Coupe 1940
Cost: $100,000
UniqueID: ford1940
Model: models/tdmcars/ford_coupe_40.mdl

Item Name: Nissan Leaf
Cost: $95,000
UniqueID: nissanleaf
Model: models/tdmcars/nis_leaf.mdl

Item Name: Ford Transit
Cost: $90,000
UniqueID: transit
Model: models/tdmcars/ford_transit.mdl

Item Name: Mercedes C32 AMG
Cost: $70,000
UniqueID: mercedesc32
Model: models/tdmcars/mercedes_c32.mdl

Item Name: Mini Cooper S 11
Cost: $50,000
UniqueID: minicoopers11
Model: models/tdmcars/mini_coopers11.mdl

Item Name: Ford Focus SVT
Cost: $47,500
UniqueID: focus
Model: models/tdmcars/for_focussvt.mdl

Item Name: Smart ForTwo
Cost: $45,000
UniqueID: Smart
Model: models/lonewolfie/smart_fortwo.mdl

Item Name: Volvo 850 R
Cost: $35,000
UniqueID: volvo850
Model: models/tdmcars/vol_850r.mdl

Item Name: Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible
Cost: $32,000
UniqueID: beetle
Model: models/tdmcars/vw_beetleconv.mdl

Item Name: VW Golf R32
Cost: $25,000
UniqueID: Minivan
Model: models/tdmcars/vw_golfr32.mdl

Item Name: Mini Cooper 1965
Cost: $15,000
UniqueID: minicooper1965
Model: models/tdmcars/cooper65.mdl

Item Name: Trabant
Cost: $15,000
UniqueID: Trabbi
Model: models/trabbi.mdl

Item Name: Dodge Charger 2008
Cost: $0
UniqueID: dodgecharge2008
Model: models/tdmcars/chargersrt8.mdl

Item Name: Jaguar E-Type
Cost: $0
UniqueID: jagetype
Model: models/tdmcars/jag_etype.mdl


Do not suggest cars purely based on handling, as that will change once we balance it for its price point.
Fearless Management
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One car especially which is long overdue a replacement is the Smart car, when we last did an update to vehicles for VCmod and models it remained, think it’s time it got updated, would love to see if anyone can find a decent replacement or updated version of it Smile
Kind Regards,
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[Image: f9VS5YA.png]
Car Name: Rolls Royce Wraith
Car Workshop Link:
Car to replace: Rolls Royce Ghost
Why?: The reason I think this would be a good replacement is simply because the Ghost simply doesn't live up to the price tag. This one looks more impressive and luxurious like a Rolls Royce should.

Car Name: 2012 Bentley Continental GT
Car Workshop Link:
Car to replace: Bentley Continental GT
Why?: The current Bentley looks quite ugly and unrealistic to see on the street because of the ugly bodykit and overly sized rims it has. When buying a Bentley you want it to look elegant and exclusive but also sporty if you so wish and I believe this replacement offers this.
[Image: TglJDob.png]
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Car Name: Smart ForTwo
Car Workshop Link:
Car to replace: Smart ForTwo 2015
Why?:Red Panda wanted to see one and it has so pretty nice tuning options it coud maybe be the new green mini
(01-08-2022, 05:56 PM)Police Driver Wrote: Car Name: Smart ForTwo
Car Workshop Link:
Car to replace: Smart ForTwo 2015
Why?:Red Panda wanted to see one and it has so pretty nice tuning options it coud maybe be the new green mini

That is the one we have in the game right now...
Fearless Management
(01-08-2022, 06:56 PM)Pollux Wrote:
(01-08-2022, 05:56 PM)Police Driver Wrote: Car Name: Smart ForTwo
Car Workshop Link:
Car to replace: Smart ForTwo 2015
Why?:Red Panda wanted to see one and it has so pretty nice tuning options it coud maybe be the new green mini

That is the one we have in the game right now...
oh man XD im soory then there is no other one white vcmod soory red panda
Car Name: Chevrolet Suburban
Car Workshop Link:
Car to replace: Chevrolet Subruban
Why?: The current model is terrible. Even compared to some of the uglier car models currently on the server, the suburban stands out. The new model might make more players use the vehicle. For the police vehicle, the current model can stay.
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Car Name: Dodge Durango SRT
Car Workshop Link:
Car to replace: Volvo S60
Why?: The S60 is used by no one and another SUV, especially in the lower price category, would be used and appreciated.
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Car Name: Dodge Viper GTS ACR (19MB download)
Car Workshop Link:
Why? I think this car could spice up the selection quite a bit, It seems to be an 'unknown' type of vehicle as you don't really see it in other servers- adding a unique sense in a way to FL's car selection. The current vehicles we have that sit around the 'mid price range' of the market tend not to be used at all with the exception being the current Dodge Charger and rarely the recently improved Aston V12 Vantage- I think this car due to it's sporty nature will allow players to be able to purchase a good car for a decent price tag, with good handling and speed similar to the current Dodge Charger for a decent price.

Car Name: Honda Integra DC2 Type R 1998 - additional materials needed for vehicle (
Car Workshop Link:
Why? Similarly to the suggested Viper above, this vehicle would make a fine addition the the 'mid price range' selection of vehicles we currently have within the server. Additionally, it will be the first Honda within FL and once again provides another choice for players- especially those interested in the JDM scene and drifting. With the addition of this vehicle we will see variety in the cars used within the server due to the valid option this vehicle presents, rather than the same few as all the others just simply aren't worth it.
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Car Name: 2016 Koenigsegg Regera 

Car Workshop Link:

Car to replace:

Why?: i think we need more Sport cars and fast car and i would be nice if this was added ( it can also be any other koenigsegg )
[Image: PlO56LB.png]
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