[ EVENT ] 2020 Emmy Award
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Logo is done by  richie

The Emmy award is hosting it's third annual award show and
we would like you , Fearless , to vote on your friends for this year award ceremony .
This year emmy will be going through two phases: Nominee Voting & Nomination

In Nominee voting phase , you can name ANYONE you like to be nominated to phase 2 
this can your friends or fellow members , once the voting is over , we will move on to phase 2 

Phase 2 is Nomination , here is where those with the most votes are nominated and move on to the final voting.
Winners will be announce on the day of the award ceremony.  
Please note that the person you are voting for must be active for at least 2 months

We would like you to prepare videos and screenshot as it is an requirement 
Do not nominate yourself  

Nominee voting will end on September 5 , 2020 
Nomination will be announce on September 6 , 2020 
Event will happen on October 17 2020
*Click the link down below to vote*
Nomination List Coming Soon
*this thread will be update on september 5 for Nomination phase
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Voilette De Kittie
**At least 200 words**

Lol, you better be joking.
Kind Regards,

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please change the question font it hurts my eyes and its difficult to read
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Sorry that it took so long as i've been quite busy for the past few days
You can begin voting as the Nominee phase has ended

The event will be taking place on October 10 , 2020 .
Click the link to begin your vote

2020 Emmy Nomination Vote

ore information regard to the event will be release soon.
Just a heads up it was Dragons Den not Dragon Deny.
I nominate myself for this i feel like i am an absolute UNIT and i deserve it many thanks
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it bothers me infinitely that its called "Emmy's". What's your RP reason to naming it that what you think this is some tv show
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I put in my vote!

I will try my best to attend. Obviously, I'll need to attend so I may receive all my awards and praise.

Best wishes,
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A lot more effort could've been put into this thread if im being honest, really confusing.

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