CityRP Rules


The following rules define clearly what is and what is not allowed; this is required to maintain a semi-serious and realistic roleplay environment. We expect you to read all of the rules before playing. It may take a few minutes to read all of the rules, but the average ban is a lot longer than that. It's impossible to cover every single detail within the rules, so we expect you to use your common sense and not do questionable things or search for loopholes. If you aren't sure whether something is allowed or not, ask a staff member to clarify (@ command). All members of administrative staff are referred to throughout as simply 'admin'.

Rules may be altered to suit an event by administrators during special events hosted on the event server, or if an event is being held on the normal server.

1 1 General Server Rules 1.1

The use of cheats, exploiting bugs, circumventing bans, advertising other servers or any other disruptive, malicious behaviour is strictly forbidden. Common sense applies.

1 2 General Server Rules 1.2

The act of scamming is strictly forbidden, this is intentionally tricking players into giving you items/money with the belief that they’ll get something in return. Loans may not fall under scamming if given out without care or without colleterial in case of non-payment, refunds will only be given where there is clear evidence of malice.

1 3 General Server Rules 1.3

All interaction while on our services must be in English, this covers both IC and OOC while on our services.

1 4 General Server Rules 1.4

You should only use chat and your microphone sensibly. Do not spam or micspam. Make sure your microphone volume is reasonable. Do not play music and/or sound effects outside of private areas or roleplays which require them. Ask an admin for permission if you are unsure.

1 5 General Server Rules 1.5

You cannot be discriminatory out of character in any form, doing so will result in a harsh punishment. Ethnic slurs and similar are zero tolerance regardless of context.

2 1 General Roleplay Rules 2.1

Do not intentionally avoid any RP situation, such as by disconnecting or killing yourself.

2 2 General Roleplay Rules 2.2

Roleplay should always be followed over rule-play. You should continue with an RP to the best of your ability unless it will cause you to also break a rule.

2 3 General Roleplay Rules 2.3

Sensitive roleplay (such as extremist and bomb RPs) should have permission from staff before being done. Some sensitive roleplay (such as all sexual RP and racism) is never allowed. Always ask an admin if you think what you’re doing may count as sensitive roleplay.

2 4 General Roleplay Rules 2.4

Metagaming is not allowed, this is using information gained via OOC means for an IC advantage. For example, the following will count as metagaming:

  • Using someone's /job name for IC purposes
  • Using an OOC message for IC purposes
  • Using information said over third-party software (such as discord) for IC purposes.
2 5 General Roleplay Rules 2.5

Powergaming is not allowed, this is attempting to force a situation without the means to do so. For example, '/me breaks the handcuffs and escapes.' is powergaming due to it forcing a situation which you can not realistically do. Self-supply (switching to several jobs to buy yourself items without intent to sell them to other players) also counts as powergaming.

2 6 General Roleplay Rules 2.6

If you wish to roleplay as something considered inhuman then it must require admin permission. By default you are a functional member of society.

2 7 General Roleplay Rules 2.7

The rules of any gambling/casino game must be explained clearly to all involved before they start playing. You may only use in-game features such as /deck, /dice and /cnote for this purpose. Public gambling/casinos may only be run by the “Citizen” team and must have proper RP behind them.

2 8 General Roleplay Rules 2.8

You must follow NLR (New Life Rule). NLR applies for 10 minutes after death. Once you die:

  • You must forget all information leading to your death such as the person or object that killed you.
  • You can not return to your death location or to the same situation in which you died for the duration of NLR.
  • If you spawn in the same area, you must leave immediately.
  • You may not interact with items involved in your death or in the area in which you died (such as weapons you dropped or vehicles) for the duration of NLR.
2 9 General Roleplay Rules 2.9

Your character description must be realistic, it should only describe what someone can see when they look at you. Your character name must also be realistic, with both a first name and surname. You may use a nickname which can be placed with quotation marks in the middle. An exception for this is during an event or with admin permission where not doing so will add to roleplay.

3 1 Building Rules 3.1

Props should only be used realistically where they enhance any ongoing roleplay in areas which you own. If you wish to build in public or areas you do not own, ask an admin or the owner of the property (the president being the owner of Government Buildings). You should not use your physgun or tools while not building.

3 2 Building Rules 3.2

You should not use tools or props to modify, create or add to vehicles without prior admin approval. An exception to this is if a gameplay mechanic allows you to do so (such as being a mechanic with required hours or having a trailer), in these cases it must still be realistic.

3 3 Building Rules 3.3

All bases and structures should be grounded in reality. They all must look realistic to the CityRP setting the server is set in. This means that you may not use unrealistic props, textures or colours inside a structure.

3 4 Building Rules 3.4

All buildings (including free-standing bases) within the city are forbidden from criminal basing by default. You also may not base at any structure which contains a vital gamemode feature such as repair boxes, gas stations and parking spots. Locations which would be unrealistic for criminals to be located in are also banned, such as hospitals and fire stations. Exceptions to the above are the following buildings (you may base in these buildings) if applicable on the current map: Apartments, Slums, Oceanview Apartments, Bluefin Suites

3 5 Building Rules 3.5

All structures and props on a road should be rammable by vehicles. You may block off some entrances with frozen props if there is an alternate, close route that does not add too much additional time to a journey and only if you own that entire area. At least one entrance still must be rammable if it is a road.

3 6 Building Rules 3.6

Doomforts are not allowed, these are defined as a structure without a realistic chance of victory for attackers. Please see the explanation for doomforting for more information.

4 1 Combat Rules 4.1

Do not harm or kill people randomly (RDM). You must ensure you have a valid roleplay reason for committing such an action and that it is a reasonable response to all RP leading up to it. There should also always be roleplay leading up to any harm or kill. You should only ever kill someone as a last resort. Always contact an admin if you’re unsure. Some common examples are the following:

Example of valid reasons for killing/harming someone:

  • Someone who has already shot or harmed you with clear intention to kill or severely injure.
  • Someone who has ignored your orders while you’ve had them under gunpoint with no other option of dealing with them.
  • Someone who is an active threat (e.g pointing a weapon at you) to you.

Examples of invalid reasons for killing/harming someone:

  • An officer for arresting you or another for an OOCly valid reason.
  • Shooting someone where the response clearly isn’t reasonable (e.g shooting a cop chasing you or another for speeding or shooting someone for verbal abuse).
  • Shooting someone simply because it is inconvenient not to (e.g. shooting at a car instead of pursuing it).
  • Shooting someone without first trying to deescalate the situation where possible (e.g shooting at a trespasser before first telling them to leave).
  • Placing a hit on someone for an invalid reason (your reason must comply with all the regular RDM rules as if you were killing them yourself).
4 2 Combat Rules 4.2

You may only engage in combat if your job would realistically do so (such as Rebels and Police Officers). You may also only seek out combat if your job would realistically do so (this refers to raiding). Ask an admin if you are unsure, they may override this if there is enough roleplay.

The following may not engage in combat in any situation:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Emergency Response Unit
  • Nexus Desk Secretary
  • Mechanic
  • Chauffeur
  • Chef
  • Delivery Driver
  • Doctor
  • AFK

The following may not seek out combat that is not self defence:

  • Gun Dealer
  • Black Market Dealer
4 3 Combat Rules 4.3

Do not shoot up/down elevator shafts. However, ladders are perfectly fine to attack people on, as it is an exposed area.

4 4 Combat Rules 4.4

Do not engage in combat while on a rooftop, this is due to most giving an unfair advantage. You may go onto rooftops for passive purposes. An exception to this rule may be during events.

4 5 Combat Rules 4.5

You must follow FearRP. This is simulating being afraid for your life and the life of others in a situation which would realistically require it in the real world as an average person of your job. Actions you take must reflect this where possible.

FearRP is initiated in the following situations:

  • Someone actively holding a weapon near you or pointing a weapon in your direction, which would be able to reasonably harm you at your current position.
  • Someone who would realistically be able to harm you before you could harm them or others (e.g someone pointing a gun behind you while you have one lowered).
  • After you’ve already been subdued and may no longer reasonably resist (e.g after being tased or once handcuffed/tied up).
  • Going near an ongoing situation which would put you in harm's way (e.g Running into a gunfight while unarmed).

FearRP still continues even if the initiator has to swap from a weapon in order to fulfil a gameplay mechanic such as to handcuff or tie you up.

FearRP may not apply in some reasonable situations, such as:

  • When complying with orders would be unreasonable or put others in harm's way (such as lowering your weapons during a raid against the president)
  • When it is clear that someone attempting to initiate FearRP is heavily outnumbered, surrounded and has no reasonable chance of victory. This would apply in hostage situations where the hostage-taker can not reasonably harm the hostage before being taken out themselves - the government may attempt a rescue in this scenario.
  • When someone is unable to comply with the demand before they’re already in a safe area or far away (e.g when driving at high speed).
  • When someone is in a SWAT van which is still mobile or attempting to bring it under FearRP without being in the back while armed.

The following common situations would not be allowed under FearRP:

  • Running up to a person with a hostage in an attempt to put them under FearRP themselves while they have the hostage close to them (this would risk the life of the hostage, they could harm them)
  • Shooting a vehicle which has a hostage in it
  • Running away from someone when they have you under gunpoint and are telling you to stop
  • Loitering around in a dangerous situation such as a gunfight while unarmed
5 1 Government Rules 5.1

Once you become President, you must wait at least 15 minutes before becoming a Dictator. A dictator is defined as having taxes over 20% or having raidable laws that violate or impact the protected characteristics. You should never ban unrealistic things, even as a dictator. You also can’t order executions for minor crimes such as petty crimes.

5 2 Government Rules 5.2

As a President, you are a very important person and therefore your life is of high priority, you should never leave the nexus without security escorting you.

5 3 Government Rules 5.3

You should not warrant or arrest people without a valid roleplay reason, even if you are corrupt. You should never lie in warrants to avoid random arrests.

5 4 Government Rules 5.4

Do not randomly search a property; you must have probable cause and have a warrant issued for that property. You can not search without a warrant unless there is an immediate risk to life or if a dangerous suspect just retreated into a property.

Some examples of valid reasons to search a property with a warrant:

  • Contraband heard or seen within the property
  • The property breaks any of the laws the president has set (e.g high walls)
  • Armed individuals seen or heard within a property with it being against the law
  • Reports by other uninvolved players about a property breaking the law
  • Stolen vehicles being sighted within a property
5 5 Government Rules 5.5

As a government employee or worker, you should avoid breaking laws where possible. An exception is that corrupt officials may break minor laws, such as accepting bribes.

5 6 Government Rules 5.6

Fines and tickets given can not exceed $2000. Licences may also not exceed this unless the business is a casino or has gambling infrastructure. In this case, the maximum a licence can be is $25,000. A licence should be recorded in the laws alongside the time it was given. A licence must last for the duration of an RP, even if there is a new president.

5 7 Government Rules 5.7

The police sergeant and swat sergeant may not be corrupt unless there is a dictatorship. Please see the corrupt cop explanation for more information on what you can or can’t do as a corrupt official

5 8 Government Rules 5.8

To go undercover as a police officer, you must request this using the /undercover request feature. You can not use custom clothing or vehicles as a first responder unless this request has been approved by your sergeant or president if not a police officer. An exception is that SWAT may use suits and suitable vehicles if they’re protecting the president - they may not respond to calls if doing so

5 9 Government Rules 5.9

As SWAT, your job by default is to protect the nexus or the president. The president may assign you a different task or allow you to patrol. You still may not take part in regular police duties, such as traffic stops or ticketing people.

5 10 Government Rules 5.10

Custom groups may work with the government with a red /pass, but do not necessarily have to follow government restrictions and rules. An admin can force a custom group to abide by the government rules if it is necessary for proper roleplay. (For more information regarding this, please review “Government Affiliate Groups” under the Explanations section on the right.)

6 1 Crime Rules 6.1

Crime in public areas such as the city should be avoided, however there are some exceptions. A general outline of this rule is the following:

  • High-level crime is almost never allowed in the city or public areas, such as running around with non-concealed weapons or a large gunfight. See below for some exceptions.
  • Petty crime is allowed in concealed areas not visible from main city roads, such as in backstreet. The risk of getting caught should also be low. It also must be low-profile, with concealed weapons only.
  • Other crimes may be allowed to spill into the city as long as it was started outside of the city, has good RP behind it and has admin permission
  • Some high-end crimes which are unavoidable from the city (such as nexus raids and jailbreaks) are allowed as long as the requirements for it are met. If it’s possible to wait for it to leave a public area, you should do so.
  • Lockpicking vehicle clamps are only allowed if hidden from view. This is forbidden from escalating into high-level crime, if it ends up in a shootout you will likely be punished.
6 2 Crime Rules 6.2

When mugging you can only steal up to $500 and you may not mug the same person twice within 15 minutes. You may only refuse if the character you are roleplaying as will genuinely not have the money to pay (for example, homeless RP)

6 3 Crime Rules 6.3

You may steal vehicles to sell them back to the owners or other parties. The price to return vehicles cannot exceed $2000. When selling a stolen car, you must ensure that your buyer is aware that it's stolen and that this vehicle won't be theirs to unlock or store in their inventory. Car thieves need chop shops, and burglars need places to store their stolen goods. Proper background RP draws the line between crime and rule-breaking. You can’t steal vehicles for simply wanting a joy-ride, it can only be for a chop-shop related RP. You can’t steal vehicles by hopping into them while they’re being unlocked.

6 4 Crime Rules 6.4

Criminals must keep a low-profile, especially while in areas where they may be caught. For example, this means that you should not do the following:

  • Bait cops into raiding your base or coming to try and arrest you
  • Carrying non-concealed weapons in areas where it is likely you may be caught
  • Using non-concealed weapons, molotovs or breaches for petty crimes or for burglary.
  • Having illegal items such as contraband visible to public view where you may be reported
  • Using adverts to talk about crime
6 5 Crime Rules 6.5

You must have a valid roleplay reason to attack or raid an area with roleplay leading up to any attack. Any raids should be strictly confined to one area, with the objective to leave as soon as possible and to avoid disruption to any other areas nearby. Any weapons or tools in a raid should be proportionate to the reason you are raiding (for example, do not use high powered weapons for simply trying to get a car back unless heavily fortified). Some valid reasons to raid as a criminal may be the following:

  • Raiding a dictator who has over 20% tax
  • Visible Contraband or other illegal items which you may want to steal or destroy
  • An associate being harmed or taken hostage by another group
  • Raiding a president who has banned your group from the city
  • Rescuing a teammate from jail who has been arrested for over 5 minutes
  • For ClanRP with admin approval

Some common invalid reasons to raid as a criminal are the following:

  • Raiding simply because the president has banned vehicles from the city, as a vehicle isn’t a right and you can reasonably live without it.
  • Raiding the jail simply because an associate was arrested for 5 minutes or under.
  • Raiding due to verbal abuse or other low-level offences without prior RP.

Essentially, you should always try and ensure there has been some level of RP leading up to a situation as violence is always the last resort. Proper RP draws the line between random raids and valid ones.

6 6 Crime Rules 6.6

Do not base together with different jobs (an exception being citizen with a custom job, such as Rebel associate). You should also never base as the following jobs:

  • Gun Dealer
  • All Government Roles
  • Mechanic
  • Chauffeur
  • Chef
  • Delivery Driver
  • Doctor
  • AFK
6 7 Crime Rules 6.7

You may hostage players for a maximum of $2000, however, it can't be without a valid roleplay reason or far away from your own base, you need a good reason and your character style needs to fit the roleplay situation. You should keep your hostage alive until they are released. You may only execute a hostage if you already had enough reason to kill them before taking them hostage or if they disobey orders (your demands not being met can not be the sole reason, as this is unfair on the hostage).

7 1 Vehicle Rules 7.1

Do not run people over on purpose (CDM), and always try to brake/avoid people on the roads. Call a paramedic (if available) when you've hit someone. The only exception to calling a paramedic is when you are in an active car chase, but you must call at your nearest convenience.

7 2 Vehicle Rules 7.2

Drive sensibly, do not spam your horn or drive recklessly by crashing into everything, this includes driving or spawning vehicles inside buildings, where they do not belong. You should always try to avoid damaging your own vehicle where possible, as doing so will hurt yourself and may violate FearRP (due to you not valuing your life). Injuring others as a result of your own reckless driving will not be treated as accidental.

1 1 Doomforting 1.1

Doomforts are overpowered defences that are almost impossible for a raiding party to overcome, even if they are realistic. For the most part, it should be pretty clear what comprises a doomfort, however, if you are unsure, ask a staff member; they always have the final say on what is and what isn't doomforting. In this section we'll run through the most common features that comprise a doomfort.

1 2 Doomforting 1.2

The following is never allowed:

  • Complex mazes to confuse attackers
  • Tiny firing holes to conceal positions
  • Using the fading door tool to gain a combat advantage (shooting through it or similar)
  • Forcing people to crouch or jump to navigate your base
  • Using unrealistic materials or props to try and confuse attackers
  • Tight corridors or chokepoints combined with firing holes or shooting positions where it is unlikely someone can ever make it past without dying, even if it’s part of the map.
  • Using sloped props to headglitch or prevent people from taking cover
  • Using props to hinder a player’s ability to move or aim
1 3 Doomforting 1.3

A corridor is tight if it cannot fit 3 people side-by-side, even if it is part of the map. If you have a small corridor, you should always ensure there is enough cover for both sides. If it’s obvious that no one is going to be able to get past a corridor you have, it is likely a doomfort.

1 4 Doomforting 1.4

Firing holes or half-height cover must at least expose a player's shoulders and above from all common angles and positions an attacker may be at.

1 5 Doomforting 1.5

One-way windows/props are ok, even in a defensive structure (i.e. as part of a security checkpoint), but you cannot use them as part of, or directly adjacent to, a firing position to give you an immediate advantage in combat.

1 6 Doomforting 1.6

You’re allowed to add in extra walls or fading doors to mitigate the effect of breaches or molotovs, however there can not be more than two fading doors or three breach/molotov walls to reach an area.

1 7 Doomforting 1.7

Walkways and sniper/guard towers are allowed, both with and without defensive walls to guard you from bullets. As long as they are realistic, these may be higher than the 4PHX wall limit. They however can not give an unfair advantage and you must be careful to ensure any half-cover or firing holes still expose the shoulders of a player and above.

1 8 Doomforting 1.8

Remember, the most important thing with any base is that it is realistic. Bases which are obviously just trying to make it as hard as possible for an attacker to win and borderline doomforting rules will often not look realistic and will be disallowed.

1 9 Doomforting 1.9

If in doubt, ask an admin. They always have the final say on what is or isn't a doomfort. Just because one admin says it's alright doesn't mean that you have guaranteed approval; often these issues are contextual and many modify their bases constantly, so the admin currently online is always the one most suited to make that decision and overrides any previous ruling.

6 1 Government Affiliate Groups 6.1

Custom jobs, groups or clans that are not using the official government jobs may team up with and work with the government.

6 2 Government Affiliate Groups 6.2

As you're not officially government, you can choose whether or not you follow the government rules. You should decide this based on what your custom job/group is. If you're a shady PMC, it's expected that you wouldn't follow the government's rules, and the consequences of this would be dealt with IC; in fact, this is a great reason for others to raid the government, because they're working with potentially illegal forces. However, if you're RPing as the DEA, or a job/group that is supposed to be legal or similar, you should follow the government rules. An admin can force you to abide by the government rules if he feels that you're not RPing properly (FailRP); their decision is final.

7 1 Advertisement 7.1

The blatant advertisement of products, websites or other servers, whether in chat, mic or on your steam name, is forbidden. However, you can wear the tags of other clans or servers in your steam name. You can also feel free to talk about games, movies, products and so on; just don't blatantly try and advertise them. Generally this isn't a problem, and if you're treading the line an admin will normally warn you to stop.

8 1 Corrupt Cop 8.1

Sometimes you may want to role play as a corrupt cop, unlike other custom job specific jobs, such as being undercover, you don't have to make a request to become corrupt. Being corrupt means that you can do certain things a normal cop does not do to fulfil your own selfish self-interest.

8 2 Corrupt Cop 8.2

Due to your greedy nature being a corrupt cop means that you can; accept bribes to get criminals who have committed petty crimes out of prison sentences, you can be rude to criminals/prisoners and you can ignore certain petty crimes if it will benefit you with a low risk of getting caught.

8 3 Corrupt Cop 8.3

Petty crimes are small law infringements (such as jaywalking or speeding) that aren't in the public eye. If you see an IC friend speeding you may turn a blind eye, but having a friend raid which has been reported to the police is something that you can't ignore.

8 4 Corrupt Cop 8.4

What you can't do is be rude to people for no reason, although you are corrupt you still don't want to lose your job by being reported. You also have to actively do your job, this means you can't stop going on patrol just because you're corrupt, even if you don't have the best interests you may want to patrol to see if you can accept bribes for small crimes to make your wallet bigger. Planting items on people to have a reason to arrest or making something up completely like a false assault also comes under powergaming and is not permitted. You also cannot believe you are some god-like figure who is beyond repercussions, this means that you can't go around breaking FailRP and constantly screaming at people or purposefully breaking people's cars.