Fearless Blacklists


A list of blacklists given on our servers






Blacklisted by

Time until

112219 SkinnyP STEAM_0:1:127271345 Steam Profile Weapons RDM - Crime in Public - take a break from weapons and read the rules
19 minutes
112218 SkinnyP STEAM_0:1:127271345 Steam Profile Police Officer Randomly tazing and restraining players without reason
112217 SkinnyP STEAM_0:1:127271345 Steam Profile Vehicles intentional CDM - stop being a minge
31 minutes
112216 General Ketobi STEAM_0:1:66008120 Steam Profile Weapons RDM - Invalid reason to kill the Vice-President after being told there wasn't a reason to do so
2 hours
112215 SlaZeᶠᵃᵗ STEAM_0:1:36118307 Steam Profile Vehicles CDM
112214 fhv19 STEAM_0:0:200694270 Steam Profile Weapons Crime In Public | Attempt to RDM
2 hours
112213 Cheeseballs STEAM_0:0:545082407 Steam Profile Weapons Randomly damaging a car in public, breaking fearRP
112212 Dan STEAM_0:1:106242505 Steam Profile Weapons RDMing, Randomly shooting in the city - Lying in sit
5 hours
112211 nudliger_dman STEAM_0:0:542568138 Steam Profile Weapons RDM, Crime in city - take a little break from these
2 hours 54 minutes
112208 JoeyCoolGuy STEAM_0:0:82604417 Steam Profile Black Market Items, Security Guard, Camera Randomly spamming camera | Randomly Zip-typing players & during a sit
112207 Cheeseballs STEAM_0:0:545082407 Steam Profile Vehicles Ramming cars on purpose - CDM
112206 -Strafzeit- STEAM_0:0:220435472 Steam Profile Vehicles CDM
1 hours 2 minutes
112205 ✯Yamaç koçovalı✯ STEAM_0:0:207130644 Steam Profile Police Officer PRA (99591) - Randomly demoting officers as SGT - user already has 2 blacklists from police with 70 hours
4 hours
112202 General Ketobi STEAM_0:1:66008120 Steam Profile Special Service Agent, Police Officer, Weapons RDM | Teamkilling as Police
112199 Jimmy STEAM_0:1:22027439 Steam Profile Special Service Agent, Police Officer, Weapons Mass RDM, teamkilling and abusing police tools
6 hours 13 minutes
112197 JoeyCoolGuy STEAM_0:0:82604417 Steam Profile Weapons, Police Officer RDM
112196 frost STEAM_0:0:526830887 Steam Profile Vehicles Intentional CDM
112195 CyckaLoop16 STEAM_0:1:60093650 Steam Profile Vehicles
112194 Beefy_Sheep STEAM_0:0:68501454 Steam Profile Weapons RDM - Take a break from using these for a while
7 hours 22 minutes
112193 OG Hbeb STEAM_0:1:433530443 Steam Profile Weapons RDM | Crime in public
112191 LikeSimon STEAM_0:0:79247872 Steam Profile Weapons, NLR breaking NLR
112189 Metro Alpha STEAM_0:1:76141978 Steam Profile Vehicles, Move bodies PRA (99569) - CDM/Move body tool abuse/Killing an injured player
2 hours
112188 mitelsson STEAM_0:0:9042188 Steam Profile Weapons PRA (99573) - RDM, invalid reason to shoot at a vehicle/unarmed individual
1 hours 42 minutes
112185 Ella3257 STEAM_0:1:606107128 Steam Profile Physgun, Toolgun, Entities/Props PRA (99586) - Abusing props/Prop minging
1 hours
112184 ART STEAM_0:1:548254554 Steam Profile Weapons RDM | Crime in public | Randomly shooting car tyres
3 hours
112183 The Real Deal STEAM_0:1:560880074 Steam Profile Vehicles CDM on Purpose
112181 Robocop STEAM_0:0:80752530 Steam Profile Police Officer, Weapons teamkilling the prez
11 hours 52 minutes
112180 Siittosiika STEAM_0:0:94963561 Steam Profile Vehicles Mass CDM
49 minutes
112179 Robocop STEAM_0:0:80752530 Steam Profile Weapons RDM (in Sit too)
112176 Jimmy STEAM_0:1:22027439 Steam Profile Physgun, Toolgun, Entities/Props ( PR 99575 )Proppushing