Fearless Content


A page detailing all the content needed for our servers

Welcome to our content page...

This page contains all the items needed to play on our servers, with some extra additions which you might find useful.

The items detailed on this page are custom made by Fearless or used from already made packs on Steam Workshop. Credits for non-custom content are listed in the credits tab in the F1 menu in-game or in the update thread when the items were released. Almost all of the downloads are Workshop links since we now use the Workshop more. The amount of content packs will hopefully decrease over time as the Development Team continue to merge and sort them.

  • Map Content

    Content for our current map. This will be required to be able to connect to our servers successfully.

    Current Map: rp_evocity_v4b1_fl

    Additional Map Content

  • Extra Content

    Additional content that you might find useful.

    Evocity Ambient Sound Fix

    This small pack will fix some annoying landscape sound from Half Life 2: Episode 2. To subscribe manually, click the button below. If you still have issues, please post a comment on the Workshop page.

    Custom Spawnlist

    Created by RedPanda, Joe, Divey, Lesanka | Last updated: 23/04/2020 | View Thread

    A clean and easy-to-use spawnlist of props, organised into categories.

    How to install:

    1.)If you wish, backup this folder C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod
    2.) Delete all the contents of the spawnlist folder.
    3.) Replace the contents of the spawnlist folder with the contents of the folder you have downloaded from Dropbox.
    4.) Restart Gmod or type spawnmenu_reload in console.
    5.) Enjoy the spawnlist!