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Transition Update
(06-01-2022, 10:25 PM)Abodigamer Wrote: Took you long enough and a lot of money to leave ur spot

guys guys, calm yourselves.

your opinions do not matter. abodigamer has already stated his opinion and that is final.

#downwithdivey #diveyisoverparty #morbiussweep #foryoupage
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Have I helped you or made an epic statement that has blown your mind and turned the tables?
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A necessary, welcomed change. Divey had his run but, the fire was extinguishing, if not already extinguished, and became the very thing he wanted to change. I have respect for you Divey and I wish you all the best. You've done a lot for this community.
Kind Regards,

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(06-02-2022, 02:36 AM)Awestruck Wrote: You've done a lot for this community.

Agreed. The april fools was the best we've had in a while...
Another one sails off in his FL paid boat
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(06-01-2022, 10:49 PM)Pollux Wrote: Honestly it's extremely scummy to sell something you got for free, especially considering it's in a worse state than what you got it in. Excited for the future regardless though.

We don't agree on much, in fact I think we agree on nothing but this statement I fully agree on. I was reading the main post trying to figure out if he did what Soul did or sold what he got for free.

Does anyone know how much Conn paid for FL? I really want to know what people are valuing FL at and also want to see how much Conn has invested in regards to money to get FL, if he's put good money then as he's invested hopefully he'll be more dedicated than Divey.
At least divey made the forums look nice
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Everyone talking about how divey would dare sell the server he got for free, yet no one talking about how he found someone willing to buy it.

Hope to see good changes soon!
I feel like I'm Gucci Mane in 2006
Closed, see the latest announcement for an update on what we're going to be doing.
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