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Transition Update
What an interesting development. Glad to see the right decision being reached, even if it took some time.

Congratulations to Conn on reaching ownership, I've no doubt he'll make a good fit for the role.
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i heard a rumor that it was paid for!
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Divey - absolutely no disrespect to you sir, but thank-you so much for making this decision. As happens time and time again in real life case studies, the act of appointing a new leader with a different skillset can do so much good for a failing organisation.

Good luck Conn!
Kind Regards,

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Congrats Conn fella much deserved in a bit Divey fella
(06-01-2022, 09:10 PM)Mist Wrote: Title really blueballed me. Thought I was going to see Jan on the big throne.

It's obvious he would pick someone already on the team


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I will replace Tomoash no need to fear
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Knew the change of ownership was coming, just didn’t know who.

Hopefully you’ll be able to push things through without endless discussions. If you win FL wins so good luck to you.
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This decision I presume was not an easy one.

A truly respectable - if not noble turn of events.

Soul definitely chose the right person 2 years ago.
You illustrated that now.

May FL live forever!
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Took you long enough and a lot of money to leave ur spot
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