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Violet DE Kittie
Posting on behalf of Omega:
As shown in the pr by Aspire, it shows Dimitris is using evidence in this thread which is not allowed to be used, I am requesting it is removed as it violates the forum rules and my rights.
Thank you.

Hi Dimitris,

After the management team have reviewed the evidence regarding the Player Report created by Omega (, it is clear to see that Omega broke NLR. However, as he was not in an RP situation and was recording in order to collect evidence of another user, we would not see an NLR punishment necessary here (but a warning should've be given). As for the Backseat Administration, I would say that is quite a stretch in this specific scenario as Omega did not take the situation into his "own hands" here, only recorded it. We did notice that Omega prop blocked (at 1:10 in the evidence), which isn't acceptable but Violet did issue a reminder to him for this.

The judgement that Violet made is fair and did not "let him off". I would not have punished Omega in this situation either, and that comes from a completely non-biased view and solely from the evidence reviewed.

In no way do we believe that Violet abused her powers to let Omega off any rule breakages, and only reviewed a Player Report.

Whilst we have all faith that Violet has full knowledge of the rules, we do believe that Violet will learn from this specific case moving onwards.

No abuse noted, closed.

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