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[Unofficial] La Famiglia Manzella
You were a great leader at Peaky Blinders when i was there and shown yourself to be a great team leader GL Grape pal hope all goes well cant wait to return soon and see you guys doing some ClanRP
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Lets go.
-richie x
Looking clean!
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Lol im famous i see my own name
Muslim and 20% jewish
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Looks cool good luck mate!
Fearless Donator
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good luck man wish you luck
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Looking nice. Good luck with everything
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Good morning,

I am happy to announce a new consigliere in my family whose duty is to advise myself and the underboss.
This individual has proven his worth for the role: denoting his honor and respect for the family and others around him, proving his trust. Beyond all, he is always active and ready for any situation in a moments notice, a quality that will surely be rewarded for.


[Image: 4BzNMKz.png]

I'd also like to welcome a new member of the family.
This individual has proven himself to be trusted within the family as he emits the knowledge for business and the respect for his brothers around him, having the experience of even creating the Corleone Family itself over eleven years ago. A true elder.

Danny Sikker

We will see great things from both of you.
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Thanks for having me.

I think this family will get far in CityRP History.
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Top, nice to see this!
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