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[Unofficial] La Famiglia Manzella
[Image: y7wwd19.png]
Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut.

[Image: UC5nDtP.png]

The Manzella Family began in 1977 with the discovery of an abandoned baby in a grapefruit and pomegranate crate in a dark, pungent alleyway by one 'Giuseppe Manzella's Casa Nostra' (Italian Restaurant), New York. After the astonishing discovery, and showing his entire family the baby, they decided to keep him and later named him 'Pompelmo' meaning 'grapefruit' after the basket of fruit he arrived in. Unsurprisingly, the baby's exposure to this Sicilian family foreshadows his destined fate. For years, Pompelmo developed his innocent childhood: making it through kindergarten, continuing his education through the usual custom - minor and junior schools and then onto high school where he made plenty of friends and even took on a part-time job at Giuseppe's restaurant, earning himself a respectable name at the age of fourteen. As Pompelmo grew into and through his teenage years, he grew parallel with curiosity as to how his Godfather, Giuseppe, earned so much money from his business. Time and time again, Pompelmo saw strangers appearing to be his Godfather's 'associates' enter the restaurant and kiss his gold pinky ring in front of his friends and family. It was at this point in Pompelmo's developed years that he realized this was a sign of respect for those in leadership of the Cosa Nostra meaning 'Our Thing' - Sicily's largest organized crime syndicate of which he was now the Godson of.

After Pompelmo's realization, the famiglia voted his initiation into its heart - baptising him a 'made man', an official member of the famiglia. The initiation involved Pompelmo being taken into a mysterious room (filled with forty or so soldati and collegate to bear witness to the oath and welcome the new initiate) with a .38 revolver, knife and two glasses of wine placed upon a table. After the boss uttered some words in Italian to one of the caporegimes, he strictly followed his orders and pricked Pompelmo's lower lip until a flow of blood cascaded down his chin and onto the weapons beneath him. Don Manzella leaned forward toward Pompelmo, so close you could smell his morning coffee on his breath, stared at him for what seemed like an eternity and deeply uttered "This blood means that we are now one Family: you live by the gun and the knife and you die by the gun and the knife. Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut." For years, Pompelmo Manzella fulfilled his role in the famiglia: extorting businesses ranging from small to large, even disposing those who broke 'omertà'. Pompelmo was happy.

One fateful rainy night of November 1998, Giuseppe was murdered. It was believed that one of the famaglia's socio had a dispute over simple, petty business and then backstabbed him by planting a bomb in the Manzella family car, unfortunately, taking the Don's life that very day.

Pompelmo was then elected to take his Godfather's place, crowning him Don Pompelmo Manzella.

[Image: Ro7pbHU.png]

Boss: Grape
Don Pompelmo Manzella
Underboss: Jan
Jan Manzella
Consigliere: razz
Frankie Manzella
Caporegime: Ranger
Tony Manzella
Danny Sikker
Iraqi Eagle
Socio: Anonimo.

Applications are not open - members are hand-picked by the family.

[Image: hLDnL7F.png]
Good luck.
[Image: xTRvpSf.png]
[Image: xkfzfCx.png?1]
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Looks absolutely astounding, best of luck! Smile
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Let's get this party started!
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Pretty litty chief
Kind Regards,
Fearless Donator

Very well done can’t wait to see u around the city.

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Watchdog Protocol Initiated.

Be careful, but consider yourself an ally.
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Looks amazing! Best of luck with it Grape.
Kind Regards,

[Image: gG1wIDB.gif]
Excited to get this started!
Kind regards,
Fearless Donator
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