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Captain Barry
Your Name: NEMxDman

Accused Staff Member: Captain Barry

Involved users
Me and Captain Barry

Date & Time (GMT): 4/1/19 @ 23:40 GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Infringement of the rules

Explanation and Evidence
I posted an unban request after being banned for over a year, no one had replied to it within 10 days therefore meaning that I would be unbanned. Then It gets denied because I was apparently caught again on the server under the account name "Phantom" which was also apparently "family sharing" with the account that I double accounted with a year ago RevivedzMennace. The video I have provided shows the process I went through getting access to that account and also shows that it had been inactive for 400+ days and didn't even have the box ticked to family share games. I also had to get a code to access the account on my computer meaning I hadn't accessed it on my computer before. 

Captain Barry falsley accused me of something I did not do, then lied about it claiming I was family sharing using that account, which he specified himself as shown in the forum posts I linked. I have just proved my innocence. So unless Captain Barry has any real evidence of me using that account (which I didnt) then I believe I should be unbanned. 

I also believe the poor guy/girl you banned for apparently being my double should be unbanned. Very unprofessional behaviour. - Claims I was caught double accounting again. - Claims my other account "RevivedzMennace" was family sharing - Me getting access to the account and showing that it had not been active for over 400 days and didnt have family sharing active. You may want to skip forward on some parts due to the amount of time I took because I had to reset the password to the accounts email address. PS I used my phone to get information from my emails inbox to prevent any important information being leaked. I also didnt want to edit the video in any way to ensure that its decent evidence. 

And also before you try to claim that the video is faked or tampered with in any way how could I fake the account being inactive for over 400 days? I also refreshed the page multiple times to prove that the inspect element tool was not used to edit the numbers.
I have not lied about the account 'Phantom' being active and being linked to you.
Our server has an automated system that highlights accounts that are using family share to use steam games. The system also highlighted that the account linked to 'Phantom' (RevivedzMennace) had an active ban. Once this system highlights a user as a potential DA, we investigate. And upon investigation I found a bread crumb trail that led from 'Phantom' back to you. Hence the dismissal of your UBR even after it had passed the 10 day response period of UBR rule 6.

Could you explain to me exactly how an account that you claim you have no connections to just joins the server using a copy of Garry's Mod shared by your account RevivedzMennace without you knowing?

Could you also explain how 'Phantom' has the same IP address as DarknesRises. An account we just so happen to see that you have access to in the video you posted?
It seems to me like you are the one who has been lying, FGxDman.
[Image: xTRvpSf.png]
Right, I've just provided video evidence showing you that RevivedzMennace has no connections with "Phantom" and as I said to you in private messages I forgot the password to that email address, hence the reason why I took a long time finding the steam special access codes because I had to reset the password. Meaning I would of had no notifications about the account being accessed and after checking the email no notifications were found. 

I also proved that the account revivedzmennace hadn't been accessed for 400+ days. And it isn't possible for that account to be family sharing gmod because it was not bought on that account, it was bought on my main account NEMxDman, which I used to family share Gmod to Revivedzmennace. The same as "DarknessRises" (Another account that's been inactive for over a year and does not own a copy of Gmod). So if I'm responsible for family sharing Gmod with "Phantom" surely it would be directly connected to my main account NEMxDman as that is the account I own Gmod on and is also the account I did the family sharing on for RevivedzMennace. 

I find it funny that after I prove RevivedzMennace couldnt possibly be involved, you then decide to say that it's connected to one of my other accounts (Which may I add wasn't bought up until now). Seems to me like your grasping at straws here buddy, technology isn't always correct and shouldn't always be relied on. I will be making another evidence video to prove that DarknessRises couldn't have anything to do with "Phantom" either and then lets see you try and say its connected to another account lol. Also if DarknessRises has been used to family share and apparently has the same IP as "Phantom" then that would mean Phantom has the same IP as me because DarknessRises is my account, so if you wouldn't mind mate I would very much like you to send me my IP in the PM's. 

And i'm the only one here that seems to be providing evidence, all people have to go off for you is your word. Once again not very professional at all. I'll have the video link edited into this reply at some point.
Instead of editing my last post to add the video link in, I decided to make a new reply. - This video shows me regaining access to the other account that is apparently now connected to "Phantom", it shows the account has not been online for over a year and shows that family sharing is not active. I also show that the only games owned by the account are free games. I will be looking forward to your next reply Captain Barry, This time try not to make changes to your story just because you have been proven wrong.

The sad thing is all of the admins are buddies so no matter how much evidence I put forward I have lost, especially with my past on the server. Very corrupt and biased system.
6 days and still no response from Captain Barry or any SA's after I proved him wrong again. Must have run out of things to accuse me of, either that or this staff report will end up like the other 2 that have been there since October and November 2018. Seems to me that they have a "if we dont reply it will be forgotten" attitude. Cant really say that the situation is being looked into either especially with the other 2 staff reports that have been posted for 2-3 months not even being replied to by an SA.

From my point of view there is no evidence that I have done or been involved in what I've been accused of, and this situation suddenly popped up out of nowhere on the day I was supposed to be unbanned because of the 10 day rule. Regardless of you knowing me or not other admins know me and about my time on the server. Also considering the fact certain unban requests are discussed with multiple admins you could have easily been told certain things about my time on the server. I mean all you would have to do is look at my blacklists and bans, which I'm guessing you did to know that my alt account is RevivedzMennace to see me as a "minge" or "troll".

I should be unbanned and you should receive some sort of punishment for making false accusations without the ability to back them up with evidence, and then continuing to make false accusations by saying I then used another account after I proved the first one you provided couldn't have been involved. You also banned another player "Phantom" for a false reason without any evidence. You dont see the police going around putting people in prison based on accusations, they need evidence. I feel the same concept should apply here.

It's pretty clear you have no evidence or nothing left to back yourself up with otherwise you wouldn't be taking this long to reply. I see you active on the forums enough and I saw that you read this post the moment I posted a reply to your weak comeback so you know that I have replied and included evidence. "it seems like you are the one that has been lying, Captain Barry"
It's now coming up to a month since I posted this staff report and there is still no reply. In my previous replies I have noticed I didn't ask this, why would I go on the server with a secondary account on the day I was supposed to be unbanned? It makes no sense, especially since I had a PM from a member of staff saying that I would be unbanned due to the 10 day rule. There are way to many gaps in the story (or should I say "stories") it just doesn't make sense. 

I have very recently contacted Phantom about the situation and he/she claimed that Captain Barry didn't speak to him and that he just straight up banned him. When I double accounted around a year ago on the account "RevivedzMennace" I was followed around by undercover admins, they spoke to me before I was banned, and didn't ban me until they had sufficient evidence to do so. You banned "Phantom" based on accusations with no evidence to back it up. And the evidence you claim to have with 2 of my accounts being linked to "Phantom" was proven to be wrong. 

So far you have made claims that the account "RevivedzMennace" was family sharing with "phantom" and when I proved that it wasn't possible, you went onto say it is linked to another account I own "DarknessRises" and I have proved you wrong with that claim as well. I have now contacted the guy/girl you banned for no reason and he says that you did not attempt to make any contact with him before the ban. 

EDIT: For some reason I cannot add the image of the chat, I will attempt to add it on another reply.
There is no abuse here. Captain Barry acted accordingly and effectively based on the information that various sources and systems have presented us. You should be arguing your case through UBRs only by appealing the double accounting ban rather than trying to blame the punishing administrator for doing their job.

Case closed.
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