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When I say "Full, uncut" version of the video, I mean full and uncut. Your blatant edit at 7:14 did not go unnoticed. I warned you, and you can suffer the consequences now in the form of a 4-month forum suspension.

Now, I can finally conclude this mess.
  • SkinsButnoSkill will be receiving a 4-hour "pteNw" blacklist for his offenses. He will also be receiving a suspension from the servers.
  • Beno, you will be receiving a warning for Propkilling. I appreciate your honesty as it makes my job much easier. Do not take advantage of me being lenient on you in this case, as it won't work out the same way for you next time if you do.
  • In addition, your pal, Brot, will be receiving a punishment for propclimbing.

Moved to approved and accusing user has been sanctioned.

[Image: 0f4e7OC.png?1]

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