Meta / Awaiting Update How to be a criminal
So you want to make money the hard way? This will help you RP it decently and not break any rules while being a criminal.

Lets first get through some rules.

Consider reading this before doing anything else. (FearRP,Meta Gaming, Power Gaming, NLR)

After reading them you are ready for this guide.

Step 1 (Character)

Before becoming a criminal something must have happend to you, you have to have in your mind how and why your character became a criminal. Also you will need a house as a base, you are not superman you have needs.

Step 2 (Type of Criminals)

Most common criminals are:

1)Wealthy Criminal
2)Poor Criminal
3)A member of an Organized Crime Family/Team

Now according to your character, you need to find which type of criminal suits you.

Step 3 (Weapons and Outfits)

Lets say your character is a poor criminal, you will need to equip your self with the correct equipment.
So because you are poor, you will have to use either a melee weapon or a cheap pistol and nothing else.
As for your outfit you should not wear anything else than what you spawn with.'

Now accordingly if you are a Wealthy criminal you will probably have a suit, high caliber weapons ect.

Step 4 (Your target)

According to your character you will have to pick your targets too.

As a poor criminal you will try to mug people, take little amount of money.
(While you mugging you can ask for money while having people under FearRP. The maximum amount you can as is 500$, but make it realistic and dont ask for 500$ every time.)

As a wealthy criminal you will be intrested on bigger things such as houses and expensive cars.
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I can give a guide on how to be a l33t criminal in only 2 steps.

Step 1: /job criminal

Step 2: RDM everyone
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/job criminal
inventory>use pistol ammo
inventory>use glock>use crowbar
bind mouse4 +voice
bind mouse5 "say gibme ur moni xd"

Guys could you not do that on a guide doe?
Nice guide for newbies to follow Jimakis. Nicely set out too, well done bud.

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