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(12-19-2014, 02:27 PM)GRiiM Wrote: Very nice, shame they don't work with binds. I'm sure that they'll work with Autohotkey macros though.

They indeed work with Autohotkey Tounge I've been using it for many months Smile  but I've only used %tn and %t as I didn't know the %rpname Tounge - I also think %t would print targets rpname before.

This will definitely help people as I'm sure only few people know these "commands".
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How about your own, possesive RP name?
Right now you'd (I'd) do

/m.e 's eyes follow the man
[edit:] funnily enough, '/me' works in the forums.

It'd be nice if you could do

/it %mrps (my rp's) eyes follow the man

so it would appear as "Steph Jinx Mason's eyes follow the man"
* Weecow looks

Hmm, nice addition tho
Seems hard to remember, I prefer not to use any of it.
Updated to include the new wildcards and a new example
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