Steam Name: Dimitris

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:127839448

BanID: 83759

Ban Reason
ToS - Harassment

Staff Member: Divey

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?

I am appealing this ban as I find it to be unfair. Back then about a week after my first ban for cheating I decided to message Divey and provoke him into giving me a ToS ban as I had no interest in FL because I was well aware that I had no chance of ever getting unbanned with how the staff team was working back then. I messaged him and quite literally asked him to give me ToS which he did. I will admit I was very childish at the time to do such thing. The point is that Divey had no intention to give me a ToS ban because I simply never harassed Jessixa. I did post a ton of admin abuse cases but I simply did that because I felt like she was no fit for the role.

To sum up, Divey never had the intention of banning me for ToS he only did that after I provoked him ( Which I ofcourse was in the wrong for doing ), with the recent changes I have grown an interest to join FL again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my UBR and consider unbanning me.

Kind regards,


Posted on behalf of Dimitris as he is currently suspended from the forums.
Hello Dimitris, I am slightly confused at the change of tone here compared to your other UBRs. For reference, here they are:


How did we go from apologising and admitting you messed up to claiming the ban was unfair? You now say you never harassed Jessixa, yet in a previous UBR you state:

[Image: raw]

Which is it Dimitris? Did you do it or was the ban unfair? What's with this change in your story?

As per UBR rule 7, I'll give you one reply.
Fearless Management
Greetings Pollux,

firstly I would like to thank you for your response, I am very sorry if I have confused you, I will do my best to clear things up in this one reply you have allowed me.

Apologizing to someone that you made feel uncomfortable with your actions and admitting you harassed them are two different things. Yes I did apologize to Jess because I am quite certain getting 7 AA reports within a single month ( Very valid ones as well, showcasing how incapable of fulfilling the admin roles she was ) was most likely not the best feeling in the world, thus why I felt like apologizing to her. You also need to keep in mind that when I made those previous UBRs, we had a different owner with a different management team which had no liking towards me what so ever (mostly referring to the previous owner) , so I felt the more apologetic I was the better.

Once again I would like to mention that Divey never had the intention of handing me that ban until I went and quite literally asked for it, I did in my previous UBRs apologize to Jess but only because I know some of my actions might have made her feel uncomfortable ( although that was never my intention ) and not because I harassed her ( As such thing never happened, cause if it did Divey would have banned me way before I asked for it )

Thank you

Posted on behalf of Dimitris as he is currently suspended from the forums.
Hey Dimitris,

After talking to others involved in this ban, I've determined that the ban is valid and therefore can't be appealed on the basis of it being invalid. Since the only argument you bring forward here is the ban being invalid, I'm going to deny it.

Fearless Management

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