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Staff Member: Divey

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Why should you be unbanned?

a few days ago my UBR was denied within a few hours after I posted it, which honestly was not a big surprise for me. I got a name for myself around FL for being a very toxic individual. I take full and complete responsibility for all my actions and I am very well aware that it is only my fault for being in this situation. I do not expect to be easily allowed back into the servers, I understand that you all as a team are trying to ensure a safe and non toxic environment for all members and I am quite glad to see that you are in a very good way of achieving it.

I am posting this UBR as I believe the forums would be a good way for me to prove to the team and to the rest of the community that I have changed for the better, my toxic days are long gone and all I want to do is prove that. I know that any sort of toxicity will get me right back where I was. I am really hoping you are willing to give me this chance.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my UBR and even considering to unban me.

Kind regards,

I will bring this up with the other team members and then get back you. Thank you for posting this!
Thank you so much for the quick reply Jakey, I will be waiting for the teams decision!

Kind regards,

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Unban Request Ref #99050/Dimitris

Hello Dimitris,

Thanks for your unban request

After discussing this unban request with the team, we have concluded to keep your forums account banned. This is once again due to your previous behavior, we personally don't want to take any chances with having a repeat of this past behavior.

Conclusion: Ban will remain.
Action(s) Taken: N/A


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