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Gamemode Add the security/FBI suit back to the market
Title of Suggestion: Add the security/FBI suit back to the market

Add the security/FBI agent suit back to the F1 market menu under the clothes section.
The suits were part of the milestones content, unlocked at 1500 hours if I remember correctly. However, the milestones were removed recently and the suit got removed from the market as well instead of being added to the regular clothing category. The suit is still in the content files, but not purchasable on the market.

[Image: dSr53eX.png]
(The security/FBI agent suit pictured above)

Personally, I would consider these suits to be the best ones in the game. I'd always wear these instead of the old suits, so it would definitely be beneficial to add them back.

Also, since the suits are in the content files it's only a matter of adding them to the clothing section in the market. Since the milestones got removed, the suit could be a regular supporter suit or a supporter+ exclusive suit.
[Image: IQuByPa.png]
Quick note:
The same should be done with the other milestone clothes, like the hazmat suit. They are very good playermodels and it would be a shame to leave them collect dust in the game files.
[Image: IQuByPa.png]
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:1:116551935&b=22]

Add hazmat as a normal donator clothing as well or something
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Still in content, will need to work out what to do with them.

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