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kies maar
Steam Name: kies maar

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:239322291

BanID: 85398

Ban Reason

Staff Member: Toe Shmicki

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
I've been banned for a word 14 days I personally don't think so okey

to say a word i will be banned for 14 days by admin [FL] Taxi58/Toe Shmicki/Taxi58#0369

if his friends do something it can't hurt or say something then it can't hurt either

hey they only get a warning for it

right today i was driven over by a car in nexus building those people were banned for not following the rules no they only get a warning

yesterday they beat me with props knocked my car away with props but are those people banned for breaking the rules no

so conclusion
if all the rest does it  it's ok
but if I do something and they hear or see it then I get banned from the surver

that's not admin abuse for sure

thank you in advance
it's always the same they read only half of what i said but if i do my best to explain everything clean they say they didn't do wrong i don't think this is how they treat me
my name is Kies Maar
Hi KiesMaar,

Even though this situation is for Taxi to deal with and not myself, I want to make myself as clear as possible. What you said was completely unjustified and discrimination, whether you intended it to be or not.

Furthermore, from what I understand is you're insinuating that Taxi and his friends have been 'Prop Pushing' you. If that was the case I'm not sure why you did not make an AA for that, as that is Abuse. However, whatever anyone else does that doesn't excuse your choice of language. I'd highly advice you use your time away from our servers to read the rules and understand why you can't go around screaming derogatory terms.

Joe Joe
Joe Joe
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don't you understand that I don't think it's fair that there

being a player that is a frends of a admin everything is allowed on the surfer

I didn't say that taxi was pushing stuff read what it says instead of coming up with something yourself

I just don't think it's fair that I am banned from the surfer for a word for 14 days and others are allowed everything and

they killed me with props the day before yesterday that's ok
they drive me over yesterday with a car in nexus building das okey
you say a word and you get banned that's not ok

I myself have not had a chance to show that I can do better no warning only but bam you are banned from the surver I did my explanation to taxi
he did not want to listen to me he was only busy with it is wrong that is not allowed what kind of little child is that

the most on the surfer get a  warning for something they do
but then there are others and they are immediately banned for something very small do you think that's fair hadling

do you think ?

I don't think this post should be spam either
my name is Kies Maar
i agree that i made a mistake but banning me from the surver for 14 days
i think is a bit  to long

i want to say with this . that my ban is not justified

there are players who constantly RDM players who get 2 or 3 days 
furst the get a warning.
and then they got banned

I didn't get a warning
I was immediately banned

I want to say that I don't think it's fair that I immediately get 14 days from you be honest
and give me a fair ban instead

I don't need 14 days to read rule's

In the past that was all possible and now it is a problem

that's the rule i broke

Sensitive roleplay (such as extremist and bomb RPs) should have permission from staff before being done. Some sensitive roleplay (such as all sexual RP and racism) is never allowed. Always ask an admin if you think what you’re doing may count as sensitive roleplay.
my name is Kies Maar
why is no one answering

it takes a long time to hear the truth
my name is Kies Maar
Hello KiesMaar I apologies for the wait, this will be handled soon, please be patient.
I want to add this one

85414 Zipiffy STEAM_0:1:44126459 Steam Profile Racism
21 hours 5 minutes

this player has done the same as me and he gets less ban than me you see that

it is up to the admin who is on the surver who then band and that it is his opinion that counts to ban someone on the surver

so it is true that there are admins who really want players away from the suver and that they give them a bigger ban than other players

do you think this is fair to me if you see something like this
that I will be banned for 14 days and that the other player for breaking the same rule will only be banned for 24 hours
my name is Kies Maar
Hello KiesMaar

Thank you for posting this unban request
It is now under review
[Image: TglJDob.png]
thanks for taking the time to look at it
my name is Kies Maar

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