Community Update #2

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Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday, hopefully enjoying the new changes.
I can't wait to play some of you at poker. Great changes, I'm excited!

sounds good, but why was the hud changed? im not complaining i just personally dont like it, also rip jenkins
Great stuff folks, keep up the amazing work.
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Thanks to Envy for the signature.
Brother Jenkins was slaughtered countless times to produce the screenshot. Let him rest. RIP Brother Jenkins.
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Overall decent changes.

Looking forward to seeing these updates on the server.
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be nice to hop back on and try and make my $5m back from intentional cdm, /paramedic to avoid ban and taking the paramedic hostage for $2k

in all seriousness, nice to see bold changes taking effect. even better to know my worm has been kept safe. i personally am not a fan of the LL HUD, though if it was up to me that bubble hud we have now would've been reverted back to the flat design it was for years prior, so i will do my best to get to used to it lol
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