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Community Update #2
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Community Update #2
22nd June 


This update will be considerably shorter than #1, however, it will detail the plan for updates/changes to be released in the coming week, and their impacts.

The Store & Supporter(+)

The old donator system has been disabled whilst we have set up a reworked system to financially support the server. We are moving from the old quarterly payment system with 1 tier of supporter, to a 2 tiered monthly subscription offering. There are now 2 ranks available, being Supporter and Supporter+, which will be available for £3.49 and £8.49 per month respectively. Moneypacks will no longer be available, to prevent money artificially deflating the economy.  Tier 1 staff (Contributors, TAs, ECs) and Veterans will receive supporter (and a discount for supporter+) and tier 2 staff (Devs, Admin, EM) will receive supporter+.

Supporter will be available for £3.49/month, and currently has the following benefits:
  • Basic Suit / Dress Access
  • Basic Accessory Access
  • SWAT Access
  • 25% reduced jailtime
  • 25% reduced unconscious time
  • +20 props
  • Yacht access
  • Supporter discord channel
  • Embeds in discord general
  • Forum title & colour
  • A heart icon next to your name in OOC.

Supporter+ will be available for £8.49/month, and has the following benefits:
  • All of supporter where applicable
  • +50 props
  • Unique cars and motorcycles
  • Access to the 1 reserve slot in full teams (for jobs with multiple slots)
  • Priority in server queue
  • Set up to 50% tax as president
  • 2 property limit
  • Double drop rate for seasonal events
  • Additional order slot for dynamic economy
  • +1 Money printer (with contraband rework)
  • Material URL tool (one slot)
  • Choose own physgun colour
  • 2 extra lights with light tool
  • Undercover police access + /copcar
  • +250 inventory space
  • Custom horns purchasable from the store
  • A ruby icon next to your name in OOC.

I appreciate that these changes may be controversial, and they are a big adjustment from the previous package offered, however, we believe that it is a necessary step for the longevity of the community. Some of the costs involved include server hosting, developer payments, any addons purchased, and potential advertising costs.

Rules Overhaul

We have released an overhaul of the rules, which features a complete rewrite to structure and explain many of the rules better. You can take a look at the changes here:

Economy & Inventory Changes

The final numbers have been set (and are displayed correctly in update #1, and on the Character page) for the economy changes, and these are set to be applied late this week. In addition to these changes, inventory sizes will be capped at 1,000 maximum (with pockets), extended to 1,250 maximum with the Supporter+ benefit (you will receive a single pocket with 250 space, which you will keep whilst Supporter+).
As previously mentioned, everyone will receive a cosmetic item matching their tax brackets, to signify the change. This will be a crown of a certain colour, with some other potential cosmetic items being added. These will only be a small benefit, purely to provide an untradable inventory item you’re very welcome to flex with.

Vehicle Content Rework

We have reworked the vehicle content, now presiding over 2 content packs, and including the following:

Spoiler :
Tesla Model S
Rolls-Royce SIlver Cloud III
Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black
Ferrari 250GT
Tesla Model X
Dodge Charger
Chevrolet Suburban
Aston V12 Vantage
Nissan Skyline GTR R32
RV 1980s
Ford Mustang Boss 429
Ford Raptor
Chrysler 300C
Volkswagen Camper 1965
Nissan Leaf
Mercedes C32 AMG
Mini Cooper S11
Volvo S850 R
VW Golf R32
Jaguar F-Type
Hummer H1 Alpha
Nissan GT-R Black Edition
Chevrolet Suburban
Emergency Chevrolet Suburban
Dodge Charger Pursuit Vehicle
Swat Van
Fire Engine
Emergency Ford Crown Victoria
Volvo FH16 2012 6x2
Mercedes Sprinter Open Chassis
Tow Truck
Mercedes Sprinter Box Truck
Mercedes Sprinter Large Van
Mercedes Sprinter Small Van
GTA Police Bike
Suzuki Address
Kawasaki Bike
KTM Bike
Yamaha Bike
Routemaster bus
Cadillac Limo
Fiat Multipla
Hyundia Santa
Alfa Romeo Guilia
Audi RS6
BMW 750i e38 1995
Chevy Elcamino 1973
Ford Mustang GT
Camry 18
Honda Civic 2017
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Mercedes g63 2019
Peugeot 206 2003
Rolls-royce phantom
Lenco Bearcat
Prison Bus
Autozam AZ1
Jag XFR Police
Jag XFR Police Undercover
BMW x5 police
Ferrari FF
Fiat 595
GMC Savana
GMC Savana news
Honda NSXR
Jag XFR civ
Lambo Reventon
Subaru Impreza
MetroHD VW Multivan
Realistic Fire Truck
Peel P50
Crown vic P7B 2010
Citeron DS3
BMW i3
Audi R8
Lexus LC 500
PT Cruiser
Jeep Wrangler
Maybach S650 Pullman
Ford GT

These may not all be released and available from the get go, but will be released and available to drive as and when we’re happy with the vehicle scripts, pricing, etc. Some vehicles will be re-balanced after initial release, so do expect changes when it comes to handling.


Some of the changes that we have looked to pull from Limelight include the HUD - this has now been ported over by livkx. See below for some images of how this looks.

Spoiler :
[Image: 20220622222525_1.jpg]
[Image: 20220622222652_1.jpg]

Credits: livkx, Bambo, Goigle, Doctor Internet, Faustie, Matthias


An overhauled contraband system is currently in development by Broccoli, adding some complexity, risk and reward to the current system. This comes with a model overhaul, and new items used in the production of fake currency.

Spoiler :
[Image: 20220622110326_1.jpg]

Poker Tables

Another addition from the Limelight code base is poker tables. livkx has worked tirelessly to both fix and improve the poker tables originally seen on LL, and these have been implemented as a purchasable item for players.

This table can be setup with /holdem settings and players can be kicked with /holdem kick <player>.

Spoiler :

[Image: unknown.png][Image: unknown.png][Image: unknown.png]

Credits: livkx, Vaq, Noble

Injury System

Kingstone has been working on changing how the injury system works. Our intention with this is to add another layer of gameplay, especially in gunfights. Mostly all interactions that would normally instantly kill you will now injure you instead, allowing for you to be saved by others. Bodies can now also be processed into body bags by police officers, which ERU can then collect for some money. This allows for police to investigate bodies before ERU takes them away, and also increases server performance as we can have less ragdolls lying around.

Other Notes
  • Some more custom SWAT models are to be added to content, we’re still working these out.
  • We welcome Doctor Internet, Arny, and Kingstone to trial admin, alongside their development duties.
  • We also welcome Wolven to trial admin, after a successful application.

What Now?

The plan is simple - everything that has been discussed here and in previous posts, we are looking to roll out on Friday 24th June. We are taking down the server at midnight tonight (22/06) to merge all of the changes and test everything on the live server.

I appreciate that this has been brief - we have all been very hard at work making changes, putting everything together, and so this update has been a bit later than intended with a few additional things intended for release after. Any questions, pop them below.


Quick thing we forgot to mention. we'll also be removing milestones while they're reworked to be more focused on new players. It's not a great look to join a server and see you need 4500 to get something you want, we're instead going to focus on the first few hours to make them more rewarding. - Pollux

Consider giving me a rep point here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday, hopefully enjoying the new changes.
I can't wait to play some of you at poker. Great changes, I'm excited!

sounds good, but why was the hud changed? im not complaining i just personally dont like it, also rip jenkins
Great stuff folks, keep up the amazing work.
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Thanks to Envy for the signature.
Brother Jenkins was slaughtered countless times to produce the screenshot. Let him rest. RIP Brother Jenkins.
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Overall decent changes.

Looking forward to seeing these updates on the server.
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Wolven name embed fail
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be nice to hop back on and try and make my $5m back from intentional cdm, /paramedic to avoid ban and taking the paramedic hostage for $2k

in all seriousness, nice to see bold changes taking effect. even better to know my worm has been kept safe. i personally am not a fan of the LL HUD, though if it was up to me that bubble hud we have now would've been reverted back to the flat design it was for years prior, so i will do my best to get to used to it lol
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