Steam Name: Riggs

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:116551935

BlacklistID(s): 112603

Blacklist Reason
"Executing running suspect"

Staff Member: Gin

Involved users
Gin, Frost

Why should you be unblacklisted?
I should be unblacklisted simply because the suspect was not a "Running suspect" they were a suspect who had reportedly just run over 7 members of the public with an HGV making them a mass murderer / terrorist, lethal force had been authorized on the suspect due to the suspect running multiple MOP's over with the HGV and the server risk to the life of MOP's and officers. the suspect's lorry was disabled and they then jumped out on foot and continued running. I held the suspect under gunpoint with my rifle however they broke FearRP and continued running. the "Suspect" is "frost" with well over 6000 hours they should know not to breach the rules in such a manner. I pointed out to gin that the suspect broke fear RP though it was ignored. even though gin was sat right next to me and the suspect during the chase knowing he was breaking FearRP. also i feal the situation was biased since the two members involved are in the same clan and are always doing stupid stuff together on the server
Do you have video evidence of the situation?
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you were sat there watching. . .

if I needed to prove anything with a video I would post it here. however, you saw everything go down yourself.
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Hello Riggs,

Thanks for posting this UBR, could you please upload the video?
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First of all, I was recklessly driving, so that warrants you to shoot out my tires not shoot me in the head, you can say all you want that you were aiming for my engine or wheels but it was blatantly just spraying the whole truck, secondly after repeatedly trying to kill me you finally blow my truck up and I make a run for it, you keep screaming to stop moving, I was following FearRP after you've clearly put my life in danger and I should fear you, I clearly do fear the fact that you're shooting me with a fully automatic rifle.
Hello as i stated to another member of staff. No as i dont have a video as it is not needed. a staff member was there and watched the intire thing
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User has been warned for this post. Reason: Unnecessary disrespectful response (Other 2 Points)
quote "I was following FearRP after you've clearly put my life in danger and I should fear you" if you were following FearRP why were you continuing to run? ether way your input is not needed.
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Unblacklist Request Ref #112603/Riggs

Hello Riggs,
Due to you not having any video evidence I am unable to take this UBR any further, the staff involved are very sure their response was the correct cause to the rule breakage at the time.
I will also remind you that you need to show respect to others on the forums and behaving in a mature manner is expected from everyone staff included.

Conclusion: UBR Denied.

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Moved to Denied.

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