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(05-16-2022, 06:28 PM)Awestruck Wrote: So from what I can tell there were 3 govt. officials that may or may not have been involved

Enclave - Police Sergeant
Raklo Potter - Police Officer
Megaladongo - SWAT Commander


Enclave (me) was involved.
Megaladongo (my friend) was sorta involved. He was in the first shooting but he was trying to take care of the other officer.

Raklo had nothing to do with the situation. He became police to unarrest a person Megaladongo had arrested, whereafter I demoted him.

Edit: Raklo, I demoted Raklo.
So what is going to happen with this? All I can add is that I shot because I got shot first.
I have said everything that needs to be said on my behalf through all these posts, It was an active gun fight Criminals which there were 3 of us against the cops the reasoning every time before my shootings was either my friend was shot or he was killed the clip in which shows me killing you is trimmed down to the maximum but I start shooting late onto the gun fight when i can see that the cops were shooting back
I'm going to conclude this on the basis that Enclave initiated first and should, in future, try to refrain from going back to the arms locker to avoid confusion for people who are in a gunfight. They were not able to, in-character, tell that you had NLR/had just died.

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