Reported User(s): Emil1

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:155431193

Date & Time (GMT): 26/4/22 @ 18:22 GMT

Summary of the incident
I was going back to the city BP and saw Emil1 as a gun dealer picklocking my vehicle and driving it away, I've private message the player telling him that he isn't allow to steal a vehicle in a public place, he proceed to ignore my message.

[Image: ?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett...rbox=false]
[Image: ?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett...rbox=false]
[Image: He9lgib.jpg?1]
[Image: yOQ1OH6.jpg?1]
Hi do you have any more proof of this incident?
Sadly this is all I have, he drove away while I tried to take screenshot of it. He is the only gun dealer on the server as he didn't change his clothing and it was quite obvious from a distance
[Image: 1619639714462.png]
The main issue is I can't see anything from these screenshots and sadly if this is all you have then I can't do anything but close this due to insufficient evidence please try and get a recording if possible or better screenshots for next time.

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