Steam Name: Emil1

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:155431193

BanID: 85221

Ban Reason
Mass Rdm

Staff Member: Caesar

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
Im very srry for my *RDM* but i was mad at the guy becouse he came back and nlrd all the time and stole my contrabands 2 Times. And iknow i did very wrong and i feel stupid becouse i like the server allot and i just really wanna play. And i will never do something like this again. And iknow i shuild have called an admin when he nlrd
Hi, Emil1

Just to let you know I've edited your post to fit the template, as I know you're new to the forums.

I'll let Caesar respond to this UBR and conclude it when it's ready!
Hello Emil

I have read your UBR and looked at your past bans and have seen you have been banned on multiple occasions for RDM and you clearly have not actually learned anything from your past punishments.

I don't think this punishment should be removed.

Also I am going to point out Rule 3: Do not write an unban request if you know you've broken the rules.

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