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Steam Name: Jack

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:95267893

BanID: 83840

Ban Reason

Staff Member: Harek

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?

Just wondering if i could get an unban just so i can walk about and play sometimes for a laugh.

Got banned for hacking, dont even own a PC anymore would be playing on a laptop now so couldnnt even hack if i wanted to, can hardly run the game on its own. 

Literally just want a chance to walk about for nostalgia and see if i can get any laughs out of FL nowadays but if you dont want to let me back or forgive me because i cheated about a year ago then i understand.

Cheers for reading lads

p.s my bad for shite grammar and that
Hello Jack,

As Hareek is no longer a staff member, I will bring this into a discussion with the rest of the team.

Please be patient thank you!
[Image: 2BWr4Gg.png]
After an internal discussion, we have decided to keep the ban.

[Image: 2BWr4Gg.png]

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