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Steam Name: Hexerlord

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:57580961

BanID: isnt there

Ban Reason
I think it was ban evasion via family share

Staff Member: Dont know

Involved users
No one

Why should you be unbanned?
Firstly: I can't find anything regarding my account on your ban websites. However it says that I am banned when I try to join any server. 

I think that I was banned for ban evasion by using a second account via family share. I also think that this happened around 6-7 years ago. And while I do know, that permanent bans are permanent I hope that you can understand that I am a changed man. I was around 14 years old at the time and didn't want so sit around and wait for the original ban to run out. As I am now 21 I know that this attitude is wrong.
If you choose to remove this ban I promise to be a good participant of the server and I will follow every rule!

I hope that I can help you resolve this and I also hope that you forgive my past mistakes!

All the best! Smile
Hello, after checking the Bans page your SteamID doesn't have any active bans. The ban has most likely been wiped since it was so long ago.

If you have any problems joining the server, make a post in Help and Support.

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