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Greetings, Fearless

Today we are announcing that the SA rank will now be transitioning to a ‘Management’ role. The reason for this change is simple, the SA role has seen a silent change over the years of FL, once being a position simply for managing demotions and promotions, then to a more regimental guideline creation position and now to where it is a general management position, where the owner can find aide and external voices to make decisions for FLs future. Because of this for lack of a better word ‘increase in power’, it has become an extremely exclusive position.

In some ways the SA position has been holding back FL. The people in the current position are still people I absolutely trust and hold their opinions to a high regard, but they don’t necessarily have all the time to do everything required. I don’t want to let them go due to their knowledge and also because I simply value their presence in the team and wouldn’t want to see them go into a different position.

The SA team has mainly been dev-led through the last few years due to that being what is required, but it has also meant that HR factors amongst other things haven't had the attention they require. While we have talented SAs currently, their hands are more on the external side of FL - whereas we need more people coming in and out of the SA team on a basis of their general activity and enthusiasm for making changes, rather than just keeping things afloat and sticking to the technical aspect.

With these changes I’m happy to introduce two new members to the new management team, Pollux and Joe Joe.

We understand that the server population has been far less than ideal recently. We're committed to bringing back the server better than ever with an active management team.
that might be cool
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Oh my
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Where am I?
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Fearless Management
Where can I put in my manager application? Smile
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Good changes are happening, I have no doubt Pollux and Joe Joe will do a good job
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