Haarek´s Resignation

For starters, I have to say, I am not leaving FL.
It's a big part of my childhood, and a place I only wish the best,
and for 10 years, I have never left.

It'll stay that way.

So, life catches up.
It's an unfortunate reality.

I simply do not have the time to devote to this role.
It became apparent this semester.

When I was younger, I couldn't fathom that someone would resign as an admin.
But it isn't until lately, when I'm 23 - that I understand why.

You get responsibilities that cannot be ignored,
your time becomes more precious - and it matters where you spend it.

If I were to give advice to young FL player; it is to devote the same time on another hobby, as you do on FL. Spend it somewhere you get longterm results for the rest of your life - be it chess, programming, math, 3d modelling or painting.

And remember, to focus on school. Don't just play games!
Get into a university!

The time as an admin has been great. Thank you to everyone for all the discussions and indifferences. FL, to me, is and always will be the place of respectable discussions and disagreements, whatever the topic.

I commend everyone in the staff team for their devotion.
Especially the developers. Without people like Pollux, Arny Edned, Tomo, frost Kingstone, Conn, Arkten Etc.. this server would not be standing.

May Fearless continue to press against hard times!

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Not another admin
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Although we didn’t interact much, you were always very helpful and kind, good luck in your future endeavours.
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Can I have a rep now
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Goddamn, the last elder falls just like that. All the way back from 2011. Good luck with everything lad.
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Wish you all the best Haarek, take care!
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A true elder and a superb chess player. Sad to see you go. Take care out there
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See you around ex boss
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Midget Sad
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Awww man had a lot of fun and a crazy moment with you. See you around again and take care as well Midget!

Spoiler :
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( I am glad that I have taken the screenshot )
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Best admin from fearlessrp for so far! Thank you for your service Midget!!
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