More Accessories
Title of Suggestion: More Accessories

Hats and more

Found a pack with alot more Accessories, would be great to have on the server, It's fun and can improve RPs more.
Also so I can fullfill my dreams of becoming a true redneck.
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:1:49263440&b=13]
-support, don't really think we need more.
[Image: 2BWr4Gg.png]
-Support, this collection was already brought up at some point. Current ones are good enough and still need to be fixed first before we add more.
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+\- support 
While I do like the sound of more accessories, Some of the ones we have now need to be replaced/fixed cause they look stupid like the flat fedora and the tall fancy hat
[Image: CXyGj6P.png]
Can I have a rep now
-support, more would be good but these just scream darkrp

What that pack contains are just worse versions of what we already have in my opinion. I do agree that we should replace some of the current though, the fancy top hat isn't even a top hat lol

I would also prefer is there was a solid gold watch instead of the current one, it's very boring. I also don't understand how an iced out Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (Diamond watch) cost less than a regular Rolex Daytona (Silver watch).
[Image: TglJDob.png]
Would love to have more accessories, but these ones don't really fit in.

Feel free to add reputation or not. Have a nice day!

We already looked at this pack, they don't fit in
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