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Steam Name: Waterbubble

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:125594896

BanID: 85188

Ban Reason
FearRP, FailRP - Suicided to avoid getting arrested (Last Chance)

Staff Member: Taxi

Involved users
idk some dog.

Why should you be unbanned?
First off his mate in the Dog suit is jumping into my car after a chase failing to give up his will to live. and process to jump 2-3 time into my car. so I decided that I rather be dead than be for the 4th time (in 2 hours) be in jail since my char already did 40 years he didn't want to go back so I boomed myself after I was injured anyway.

Then taxi said you cannot do that while he started shooting me because  drove away. and claiming to be an misclick. which I don't belive.

i asked him what rule and he showed fear-rp after iniciating.
he says its not realistic but when I point out this happens a lot he says will ima just ban you for fear-rp / fail rp...

then decides to punish me for it but cant find that rule so he makes an loophole explained above (breaking rule 1.6) in order to vind an valid rule.

also fail-rp is that dog broke (to belive his words fear-rp/failrp) then. kinda lame.

Some things I found regarding suicide and crimes:
Thank you for posting this UBR.
What you did broke FailRP because it is not what you are suppose to do in this situation, it is not how things work on the server.
Yes, it happens in real life but the rules on the server are set too keep things in order and to avoid players doing anything they want to get out of difficult situations.

You broke FearRP because you are always expected to keep your own life in value and avoid dying at any cost.
  • 3.4 You must follow FearRP by acting afraid of threatening situations that affect your own or accomplices' lives.

After having a second look at the rules I also found these rules:
  • [1.3] Do not do anything to avoid a roleplay situation or punishment.

[*][3.5] Actions taken by a player must reflect the consequences of death, imprisonment, and loss of liberty realistically.

[*]You killed yourself in this situation to, like you said, avoid being arrested which means you did it to avoid a roleplay situation.
[*]The ban is valid in my eyes as you broke these rules. You were put on last chance by Daniel in your last UBR which is the reason why the ban was set to 1 year.

[*]EDIT: If it helps you sleep better at night, here's video that shows the shooting was not intended.
[Image: TglJDob.png]
There is no rp further only you swinging an arrest batton. giving player dog playermodels.  and him also breaking those rules. i find that really anyoing if someone is gonna point out what I am doing wrong while this person does exactly the same. You also didn't ban me for avoiding anything. then you need to ban me for that.
also you say: , imprisonment thats what you was about to do. If you shot or not you didn't let me know before hand an misclick so you still initiated
Hello again wizard_0315

You have no idea how the arrest would play out if it happened so your argument that I would only be "swinging an arrest batton" is not a valid argument, you are not psychic. Most of the times I roleplay during the arrest where I search the suspect, ask for ID and sometimes even look up previous tickets and warrants to see if there are any recent for the same crimes. Also, I am not able to turn players into dogs so that was not me. I told this person to stay in my vehicle to avoid him running around like the way he did but in his defence, he was roleplaying as a dog and as far as I am aware dogs does not have the same sense of conseqeuences as humans which is why he ran after the car. Again though, I asked him to stay in my vehicle to avoid it happening again. What you did was far worse which is why you were punished, also considering you had been causing trouble earlier the same evening trying to ruin an event by micspamming and general minging. I had to kick you and JohnSilver had after a while grab you to tell you off.

Your argument about imprisonment is not valid in my eyes as death is a far worse consequence which means it's what you should avoid the most, which in this case you did not. The rule has "imprisonment" listed to regulate so players think twice before comitting crimes because like you said yourself, nobody wants to get locked up.

Last of all, you say that I can't bring up the other rules I found because it's not what I listed in your ban, I'm afraid you're wrong. The whole purpose of writing an UBR is to come up with arguments and convince me to change my mind about the situation and maybe lift it. You presented your arguments and I encountered them with my more rules that you broke which strengthen my agruments to why you should stay banned, you basically broke more rules than what I listed which doesn't really help your case.

I hope I answered your questions.
[Image: TglJDob.png]
Minging mic spamming

I was playing Ramstein Du - hast I put my mic to 60% instead of the 100% and follow this rule: 

Mic spamming (you must have a set up and make sure your volume isn't loud)
You are allowed to use your microphone.
I indeed took a lot of photos but that was because you prop blocked the doorway. when I asked jhonsilver if he was okay with that he said I'm not even gonna start. 

So while you break rules 1.6 prop block. Start flying right after I died in front of 3 bystanders breaking character and you have a suicidal human dog. I'm in the wrong?



I am sure you know what you were doing when playing that music and flashing your camera and I am sure everybody that looks through this UBR can see what you were doing. Let me also make you aware that if you look at who owns the prop, it is not me and let me also point out the keypad sitting there on the wall in front of you, it indicated there's a fading door nearby. HINT: The door infront of you. I am sure John said what he did because of how silly your accusation was. I therefore do not understand why you are saying I am propblocking but that is beside the purpose of this UBR.

To summarize this whole UBR
Yes, you are in the wrong and I see no reason at all to why I should consider letting you play on the server before your ban expires. You've had many chances which you flushed down the toilet and now had to face the consequences.

Thank you once again for posting UBR!
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