Steam Name: Basil

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:141141294

BlacklistID(s): 111693

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Staff Member: Violet DE Kittie

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Why should you be unblacklisted?
Slaze ran up to me with no weapon and tried mugging me, as he had no weapon I grabbed my knife to defend myself and killed him. Slaze confessed to trying to mug me yet somehow this counts as "RDM", the reasons stated changed every 2 seconds as every sit does with violet from "you tried mugging him" to "you can't do that as unemployed" to somehow finally "rdm", none of these things are true. I had a reason for killing him and defending myself, unless people can mug you with their fists now?
Hello Basil,

First, You were unemployed and pull out a knife and stab him to death in a public place (It still counts as Crime in public and RDM ). In the sit, you told me that you killed an unarmed person who tries to mug you at a public place, as you should know better that you should call an Admin when someone did break the rules. It's very disappointed with 787 hours you still never follow the rules and break them for fun. I have evidence and witness ( Atlas is my witness as he is the one who makes @ call ) for your immature attitudes. You did break rules 3.1, 3.1a, and 7.1. I'm not changing my statement every 2 seconds, I asked you "why did you RDM him" and "you are unemployed and this is Public" and finally I blacklisted you from weapons as "RDM" as I give you chance and let you go with a warning.
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Dear Basil,

I have reviewed the evidence I have and I can confirm that Slaze never mugged you. You walked up to him and started the RDM assault.

Please correct your lies for the sake of courthouse rules.

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Hello Equinox, Thank you very much for the new evidence.

To Basil, You have been lying in sit and the courthouse so Your blacklist will stay on record.
However, I will add a ban to your record as you lied to me and at the courthouse.  
In the future, read the rules. You have 787 hours and should know better. 

You will be banned for 3 days for - RDM | Crime in Public | Lying on sit and Courthouse 


Have a Good Day.

Violet De Kittie
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Credit to my beloved nephew, White Wolf for the Cute signature! LOVE IT!! Thank you!

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