Vehicle upgrades!
[Image: qMQOfAI.png]

This is a small but also heavily requested update which introduces the ability to upgrade your vehicles

These upgrades are both cosmetic and can change your vehicle's handling. Vehicles with upgrades available will now show a Ruby icon in the market menu:

[Image: p8KwCZn.png]

Mechanics can install upgrades on your vehicle by using the existing Wrench.

Some vehicles have performance upgrades which makes the vehicle faster.
By hovering over the ruby icon, you can see what upgrades exist, and how much they cost:

[Image: m8WgRns.png]

[Image: DYFhTn3.png]
Dan - epic update tester
frost - epic update tester
Wolfy - epic update tester
Pollux - approving update
Conn - motivating me
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Good job Kingstone!
Developer & Administrator

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(Thanks Chumps!)
Snazzy stuff, Kingstone!

Keep it up!
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Good job as always keep it up
This looks amazing, well done Kingstone!
Ayyyy, good job man
sounds good
(09-21-2021, 08:32 PM)Arny Wrote: sussin'
sussin' 'n bussin'
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Have I helped you or made an epic statement that has blown your mind and turned the tables?
Gimme a sexy lil rep here!
Finally we can Pimp up the Ride!

Keep it up!
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