Reported User(s): Dez

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:131483746

Date & Time (GMT): 9/2/2021 @ 22:15 GMT

Summary of the incident
Part 1 -

Uex and this Dez guy, were following me, Uex decided to follow up to my car and tell to step a side, I have the right not to, they weren't PD or anything and i saw them with weapons earlier, So i kept going, both of them crashed into a pole destroying Uex ( car i think ) Uex jumps out of his car when i was already escaping, Dez rammed his friend and i suppose he killed injured him not quite sure if i killed uex or not, But the FLAM Massage didn't appear on my screen so i suppose i didn't kill him, Dez did, Dez shooted my car down out of the blue leaving his friend to die, and killed me.

Part 2 -

I spawned back, and after about 3 mins Dez spawned aswell, Asked him a OOC question why did you killed me, Out of the blue, "Cause you are a bitch, You sound like one, Shut up Pussy", left , followed him , i repeated the word pussy the same way he did to me ngl about that, And then left the scene and minded my own business, he came back to me, on public holding a knife and stapped me, acting all cool ( he is drunk or dumb ) i prefer the second option tbh,

Uex a massage to you if you see this massage, i have insulted your friend, i know but he was a dickhead, and several people can confirm that.

Part 3 -

tgn, Uex, and Dez involved in this one, they were standing infront of the metro station talking, I came back to him, i asked him why did you rdmed me, why did you insult me and what was the stabbing for, I told him what do you wanna kill me again after he pulled out a knife again, He said do you give premission? i said like you asked before, then said no, we kept arguing a bit, and he returned back swearing and insulting like a karen, then killed me again with a knife.

Part 3 - Filler Episode

If ooc was a person he would say what the hell is wrong with him, Anyways, he kept trash talking in ooc, insulting people, repeated the bitch word swearing at alot of other players, According to another player ( Notgonnatellya ) he said that he sucided to avoid a rp situation ( Arrest ) I can't confirm that but maybe ( Notgonnatellya ) has something up his sleeves.

He has 600+ hours, so ye

Part 1 Evidence -

Part 2 Evidence -

Part 3 Evidence -

Part 3 - Filler Episode Evidence

Notgonnatellya's claims -
Now I didn't see the events unfold but. I was in game and I did see the arguments in ooc. When I stepped in to remind dez about the fact you shouldn't be arguing and to chill out. He proceeded to attack me aswell. I then proceeded to hear about the Events unfold and having watched the clips.

On my own personal verdict dez was in the wrong here and should have just thought before he committed any wrong actions as he is probably now going to be punished.

Sort your attitude out mate.
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Dealt with in game.

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