(EVENT) National Spelling Bee Championship
Its My Birthday! 
Date: 18/09/2021
Time: 20:30 PM
Banner: https://i.imgur.com/
Description: The National Championship is back again for the second time to Evocity! 5 Spellers compete to win a million dollar and be crown as the national championship!
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2021 National Spelling Bee Competition is coming again to Evocity !
5 Spellers compete in a round based competition , spelling words from the english dictionary !
The event is split into 3 rounds with elimination in between
Round 1 , Round 2 & Finale Round.
Previous Year Championship  - 2020
What is a Spelling Bee Competition ?

A competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. To compete, contestants must memorize the spellings of words as written in dictionaries, and recite them accordingly.

Participation & Application

To those who wish to participate in the event
must fill up the application using the template given.

You must meet the following requirement*

note: * means extremely important

- A working microphone ( even shitty ones )*
- Loud and clear *
- No issue with mic for the past week or months
- No typing allow ( Cheating )*
- No rank restriction ( all players including staff are allow to take part )*
Once these requirements are met , you can filled up the application

Application Template

Why do you want to join the spelling bee competition ?:
 little about yourself (Such as hobbies , education , your favourite things to do during free time etc):
Any blacklist or bans for the past 1 month ?: (Yes/No)

Rules of the event

1) No cheating is allow
2) No typers are allow to take part in the competition ( must have mic )
3) Do not speak during the show ( typing in chat is fine )


Rules for the spellers

1) You must not CHEAT in any format
2) You MUST not leave the competition in mid-show ( this can be excuse if your computer causes issues such as crashes )
3) As a speller, you must make the effort to face the judges when spelling and after spelling .
4) When given a word , you can ask the judges to say the word again , define it , use it in a sentence , provide part of speech , provide the language(s) of origin and/or provide an alternate pronunciation or pronunciations.
5) Attempt to bribe the judges / host / co host can result in a BLACKLIST from future national championship.
6) All spellers have a min to spell out the words infront of the judges.

Misunderstanding: Spellers is responsible for any misunderstanding of the words unless the pronouncer never provided a correct pronunciation , provided incorrect information regarding to definition , part of speech , language of origin.

Rules for the Judges

1) Judges must listen carefully to the spellers , determine whether or not the words are spelled correctly and uphold the rules . The decisions of the judges are final.
2) Judges will not respond to the speller's question about the words or its pronunciation.
3) Judges are not responsible of the speller misunderstand the word
4) Judges MUST direct the pronouncer to correct the error as soon as it is detected ( such as mispronouncing a word or misdefine the word )
5) Judges can DISQUALIFY a speller if he / she cheated during the competition , Judges can eliminate a speller if he or she mispelled a word after the round has ended  

Contestants , Host & Judges

Contestants (0/5)

Judges (1/3)
1) Kate Schmidt (Jakey) - Winner of this year Miss Evocity. A young woman who's passion of singing has brought her to the music industry. Her latest appearance in ELLEVO magazine made her a mega star & a worldwide celebrity!

2) ???

3) ???


The spelling bee host will be Violet Shmicki! (Violet De Kittie)
Brittney Storm (Jessixa) will be overseeing the event
Time , Date & Location

Date: Not confirm yet.
Location: Moonlite Studio (Firestation)
Time: 20:30(BST)/ 21:30 (Berlin)/ 15:30 (New York)

Prizes for winners

1st - Crown as Championship and $1,000,000 cash prize!
2nd - Going home with $200,000
3rd - Going home with $50,000

This event is brought to you by Moonlite Production.
Any question can kindly contact Brittney Storm ( Jessixa )
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Please welcome our first judge Miss Kate Schmidt (Jakey), the winner of this year Miss Evocity! She will be here as a judge to see who is the champion of this year spelling bee !
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IC: “It’s a shame that Jessica woman can’t attend then again always had a feeling I would prove who she really was”

OOC: this will be fun
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Event will be postponed until further notice
I'll be focusing on the Emmy in the next few days, will update the thread soon
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We're happy to announce that this year Spelling Bee host would be Violet Shmicki the co-founder & head of editor in Moonlite Production. Miss Brittney Storm will be overseeing the event as well as assisting Miss Shmicki if she needs any help.  
Wanna compete in this year spelling bee championship ? Why not sign up now and win the grand prize of a million dollar! More information will be release soon! (once everything has been confirmed!)
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