Steam Name: Neighbor

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:448255420

BanID: 84950

Ban Reason
DA - Extended by Taxi58

Staff Member: JohnSilver / Taxi58

Involved users
And a few others.

Why should you be unbanned?
I was banned about 20 days or more ago for CDM, the initial ban was 7 days long, I didnt have a problem with the ban and thought it was a fair amount of time for a ban as it was my first incident that required one and I saw people who did worse get 7 days aswell. My friend was even accidentally banned for 7 days. Come to find out after 20 or so days I wanted to rejoin and do some RPing with said friend, I found out the ban was extended to about 6 whole months with as im writing this 5 months and 10 days left. I believe a ban of 6 months is excessive considering it was a single incident and that I have learnt my lesson and i am ready to come back and contribute to the city.
Hello Neighbor

The reason to why your ban is extended to 6 months is because you were caught trying to connect to the server with a different account. This comes under double accounting and is seen at that you basically tried to avoid your ban by using a different account.
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Ah, I didn't realise that was the cause. I admit I was a bit desperate to play again with my friends, so I did get another account and did try to join in with that. I tried joining and it said I was banned, so I assumed it was an IP ban. I apologise for trying to join with another account and I truly recognise my mistake. Is there any way possible for me to have my ban reduced in any way as I really want to role-play again with my friends.
Hello @oh-
Thank you for posting this unban request


 I'm afraid what you did is a violation of our Terms of Service (ToS) which means I will not reduce your ban at this time.
  • 1.10. How can I use the Services?
"Fearless intends for each user to use only one (1) Steam account to access both the Fearless Forums and the CityRP servers. You may not use multiple accounts for any reasons, including masking your identity, gaining an advantage over other users in the Services or circumventing suspensions or other disciplinary measures."

Thank you once again for posting this unban request!
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