The Evo Grand Hotel
Its My Birthday! 
Date: 07/31/2021
Time: 19:00 PM
Description: Hotel at Minnesota Building with lots of space for more custom roleplays downstairs aswell
Greetings Fearless!

I would like to announce that Abodigamer and I are opening the Evo Grand Hotel next week Saturday at 7pm GMT. The hotel will be located in the Minnesota Building next to the Nexus, and there will be plenty of space for jobs that we require to run the hotel properly aswell as some room for additional roleplays since the two ground floor shops and the discovery lounge will be free to rent and build a little restaurant or something, its up to you!

Jobs to apply for:

  1. Housekeeping
  2. Room Service
  3. Front Desk
  4. Security
  5. Chef (preferably with a restaurant in the building)
Rooms to rent out:

Ground Floor Room #1

Ground Floor Room #2

The Discovery Lounge

Please leave a comment for what job you want to apply or what room you want to rent, and what you're gonna use/build in it. Of course other people besides those who apply here such as passive visitors are more than welcome!

For any further questions or ideas, PM me here or on discord!

Kind Regards,

Abodigamer and Dabster Smile
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I'd like to be Security if that's ok.
I'd like to open up a store in one of the ground room floors it that's alright with y'all. Still deciding on what the store will be, but it'll probably something like a jewelry store or something.
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Please Use This Template

IC Name:

Steam Name:
RP Points:
Are you a Donator?:
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IC Name: Barry Jenkins
Age: 64
Description: A poor old man who works his hardest to maintain a crappy quality of living.
Role: Room Service

Steam Name:
RP Points: 9
Are you a Donator?: Yes
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Thanks White Wolf for the signature!

IC Name: Joey 'Slaint' Elite
Age: 23
Description: A wealthy(ish) young man who knows how to wield a weapon.
Role: Security

Steam Name: Slaint
RP Points: 4
Hours: 1417
Are you a Donator?: Yes
Both Applications Above are : Approved Welcome to The Evo Grand Hotel Team

TonettaFan you are good to go with the store but we need to see the dupe for it by Monday and the rent cost will be 7500$ 

Mike Pence

General Manager
The Evo Grand Hotel
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IC Name: Violet Smith
Age: 20
Description: A friendly Australian woman with green eyes and brown hair
Role: Front desk

Steam Name: peanut
RP Points: 2
Hours: 193
Are you a Donator?: Yes
IC Name: John 'Blaz' Flint
Age: 31
Description: Coward | Likes to think he's rich | 31
Role: Security

Steam Name: Blaz
RP Points: 3
Hours: 702
Are you a Donator?: No
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IC Name- Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad
Age- 21
Description- "Corrupt, Brexit, 'bedo_suleymanov"
Role- Chef (Amsterdam Coffee Shop) 

Steam Name- Zhe_Boonan 
RP Points- 5
Hours- 520
Are you a donator- Yes

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