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kind of kato
Steam Name: kind of kato

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:173839706

BanID: 84540

Ban Reason
(002) Double Account: STEAM_0:1:57372971

Staff Member: Console

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
Hello there,

a few months back I was asked by a friend of mine JoshZ to give him my account in order to DA, I was assured by him that he had taken all the measures in order to avoid getting banned and that he only needed the account once. I was foolish enough for some reason to give up my main account and allow him to DA on the servers, JoshZ ended up being banned. I am well aware that it is only my fault and my actions that have led me to this awkward position. I however, would really like to be allowed back into the server as I really enjoyed my time on FL. I can assure the FL staff team I will never again be foolish enough to do such stupid thing and I would like to apologize for even doing it in the first place.

I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at my account to confirm that it is in fact not a DA, I also used to play back in 2016-2017.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my UBR and I am really hoping to be allowed back into the servers.

Have a great day/night!
Thank you for submitting this unban request, kind of kato, and thank you to Frost for proxy posting it.

I will confer with my fellow administrators about this case.

Stay tuned.
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After an internal discussion amongst the administrative team, it has been decided that the ban shall remain as issued.

Your account is your responsibility, and the team believes risk of it being used to double account again is too high.

With that being said, denied.
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