Cash Registers
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Cash Registers

This update adds Cash Registers which can be spawned by merchants and citizens, and which lets you sell items easily through a simple to use interface!
  • You can only sell items that can be bought in the F1 market by everyone, or your current job.
    This means that Chefs can sell food, but Gun Dealers will not be able to.
  • The owner of the cash register must be close to the register in order for you to purchase items.
  • You can set a limit to how many items can be bought from your inventory when setting up the register itself.
  • The cash register shows how much you have profited off your items on its screen.

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Good job!

Developer & Administrator

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(Thanks Chumps!)
Nice Job, Kingstone!
Damn that's really cool!!
Good Job kingstone amazing work Heart
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Amazing work like always! Go kingstone!
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This actually looks really nice, I like how you can see your profit at the end.

Good job!
Kind Regards,
Fearless Veteran

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Passive herself would be so happy !
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That is a cool addition!
Will you be able to "buy" custom services with that too? e.g. Repairshop, Towing service, etc?
Amazing work, this looks sick!
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