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[F] Lewwings - Where Are the updates at kids?
User has been warned for this post. Reason: Offensive post
Your Name: jimmy the jew

Accused Staff Member: [F] Lewwings - Where [email protected]?

Involved users
Pollux Tomo Divey

Date & Time (GMT): 29/5/21 @ 12:00 GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power,Infringement of the rules

Explanation and Evidence
[Image: aIeFrKs.png]

I made a post that looked similar to the one below:

[Image: wpZNAVy.png]

(Feel free to post exactly what I said, I cannot view the thread because tryhard admin Lewwings has hidden my thread) 
[Image: layS61v.png]

I didn't realize we went back in time 70 years to communist Russia where we cannot state or ask questions to the supreme command. My bad for asking where bank heists were & maps because they were meant to be here over 6 months ago (That sarcasm by the way Lewwings, incase you cannot figure it out).

Restore my original post, I post a legitimate question. Don't be a pussy Lewwings and hide the thread.

[Image: 51KwfFm.png]
Don't be trying to censor me now Lewwings
Evening GHOSTK1LL3R,

I warned you and removed the post as it was clearly designed to conjure up toxicity and an argument over the state of development. You disrespected some staff by referring to them as "pussies" ('stop being a pussy') as well as insulting the developers by stating 'not one actual update that anyone gives a fuck about'. This obviously is in violation with forum rules 1f and 2a, as you set out to create a flamewar and simply spreading hate. There are more mature ways to make your points than those you employed.

As is laid out by forum rule 4e, as an Administrator I can "edit, remove, close or put on moderation queue any post or thread at any time" for being "indecent, vulgar, spam, etc". What falls under these categories is up to me, and not you.

If you take issue with me awarding you warning points for breaking the forum rules; that's on you, not me. You broke the rules, you got punished.

Also I would advise that you try to remain somewhat civil and objective as calling me a 'tryhard admin' and a 'pussy' won't do you any favours.

Fearless Administrator
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it's a hot day today i think summer is coming so we should all enjoy the sun for the coming weeks
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