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Another cool map that's almost a year old now is southside, this map has an extremely different style to others and is a mostly urban city. The map has an amazing attention to detail and is pretty well optimised considering it's a very close-together city.

Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...2028581413

The map feels a lot bigger than others due to so many streets and buildings, however top-down isn't too complex.

Spoiler: Map top down view
[Image: raw]

Similar to Riverden, a few changes would likely have to happen:
  • GPS/Minimap system for ease of navigation
  • Map similar to the san ranevo one with labelled locations released

Unlike Riverden, the map vmf is not released and it is unlikely for us to be able to edit the map. I personally much prefer Riverden however we're curious as to what you guys think.
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this map is better than riverden but also a bit quirky n weird
I've played on this map before and I enjoyed it alot. I think it would be very interesting to try it out on FL. It's a great map
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Cool map but not for FL. Not too builder friendly and is all centralized in the city with no change of scenery.

I thought there was some sort of map being developed in the background or something?
An amazing map, but I don't really think it's fitting for FL. It lacks the whole nature/wilderness aspect as well.

Feel free to add reputation or not. Have a nice day!
I really like it. Although as Siphon said it does lack some wilderness, maybe there could be a possibility to add some in? Maybe some fitting Evocity buildings too as some of these aren’t too building friendly as Rossi said. Other than that I really like this map, it’s different. Almost looks like it isn’t GMod, maybe what Fearless needs.
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Keep in mind we don't really have the ability to edit this map. We were refused the vmf and I believe only given permission to take some assets from the map. We don't have permission to edit it and even if we did it's too difficult with southside. Extracting buildings was hard enough without crashes as the map is really at the limits of the source engine.
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