Ranevo Knockout!
Its My Birthday! 
Date: 05/03/2021
Time: 7:00 PM
Banner: https://i.imgur.com/KwaHuMg.jpg
Description: Ranevo Knockout! Take the chance to be the ultimate boxer! Have the chance to take home $750,000 today!

[Image: 7dZujv8.png]

Information is below!
The event will take place on Monday the 3rd of May at 7 PM BST!

Roles we need:

Fighters: 8/8 Chech, Slaint, Björn 'The Giant' Olsen (Grizzly), ART, RoCKy, Watts Brothers, Seifenspende, danbidz

Security Guards: 2/2 Dan, jhayw

Mascot: 1/1 Blaz

Commentators: 2/3 Toe Shmicki Muhiddin Burak İ
Referee: 1/1 Centurion

Rules of this event:

No medical items are allowed if discovered that these are being used then you will be disqualified immediately.

Weapons such as guns are banned however bats are allowed and so is batons but knives are banned.

Fighters are not allowed to use Kevlar at any point.

Do not argue with the referees judgement.

Do not kill the other fighters if you are fighting, we are going until the other fighter is unconscious!

Location of the event:

Pearl Plaza - Superstore


1st Place: $750,000

2nd Place: $150,000

3rd Place: $50,000
[Image: X24r7nj.png]
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i'd like to be a fighter please i need to bring some ruckus
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ı want be Commentators
fighter please.
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Björn 'The Giant' Olsen will be there to fight! Sign me up.
Kind Regards,
Fearless Event Co-ordinator
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Let me fight some kids
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Ill hop in the ring as a ref.
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i am the best mascot-er of the mascot-ers

ill be yer fockin mascot
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If I can attend to event, I would like to be a fighter Smile
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Me (Ausverkauft) & Simon (Seifenspende) would like to participate as fighters!

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