Police Skins for the Cop cars
So Hello Boys n Girls, RMV_United and Me made some San Ranevo Police Skins since there were non, Ofc not Officaly from Fearlessrp but we did it anyway It can be downloaded Here: https://workupload.com/file/T4vDDA3kTTX 

Simply Download, Put it into your garrysmod Addons folder and extract it then restart your game, Or start it and Done.

It's the first Skins on every car, We hope u like them.

[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:1:127251248&b=12]
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Very nice work man, keep it up!
[Image: icNWrG3.png]
+REP here so that Self doesn't overtake me
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And If you'd like to use a more darkish skin use mine.

> Click here to Download from MediaFire <
[Image: gm-flatgrass0003.jpg]

[Image: gm-flatgrass0000.jpg]
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They look amazing! Please also make one for the Suburban <3
[Image: WbmV7IO.mp4]

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