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Your Name: Krzysztof Marek

Accused Staff Member: Jhayw

Involved users

Date & Time (GMT): 27/3/21 @ 8:45 GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power

Explanation and Evidence
In the video you can see he did not hear me out, I've called admins PLENTY of times when on this day I was being targeted by police NO admin came to help, I literally just got out of jail where I got, he claims that it is not the first time that I broke fear rp, the only reason I broke fear rp rules is that admins won't help and the police arrested me after I died (they broke new life rule). the officer asked where I dropped the gun, I told him he could look fo then he wanted to get a warrant on me.
I have to fix this i accidentally submit too early and edit isnt working. I told him he could look for the gun. then he wanted to get a warrant on me after no gun had been found, I dont want to go to jail because admin cant enforce the law. Here is the video:
Regardless of the situation, you need to follow FearRP. That's what I was trying to explain to you while you continued to interrupt me (which was conveniently cut out from your video) and told me that I had "to listen to [you] bitch". It doesn't matter what happened prior to that situation, the officer was holding a gun and giving you orders: you follow those orders, no questions asked. I wasn't enforcing the law via my position, I was going to talk to you in regards to your FearRP breakage, of which it wasn't the first instance of during the evening, hence why you were banned.

You need to swot up on the FearRP rules and take some responsibilities for your actions, and also listen to us staff members when we are trying to explain your rulebreakages: 99% of the time we're trying help and stop you receiving further punishments in the future. Just because another player is breaking the rules or arresting you for an invalid reason does not give you the authority to also break the rules: that's why the staff team have our ranks on the server, it's to deal with the people we believe are breaking the rules once you report them to us.

Here is the video from my perspective, complete with full audio:
[Image: 297078787538026497.png]
Listen to me, you did not answer my admin reports.
(03-28-2021, 04:16 AM)superarek5 Wrote: Listen to me, you did not answer my admin reports.

The reports in which you stated you were falsely arrested? You were lucky I didn't ban you after you drowned yourself in the lake to escape the police after which they arrested you for hitting their car with a baseball bat, unaware you had died: seems pretty valid to me, not to mention you were the only person breaking the rules and refusing to get out of a car at gunpoint. This was the only report I saw, I can only apologise on behalf of the other staff members if we were busy with other calls or missed them.
[Image: 297078787538026497.png]
Hi superarek5,

Thanks for your report.

There is clearly no abuse here. jhayw addressed your rule breakage(s) as we would expect and has shown exemplar qualities in administration thus far. Please read the rules.

Closed. No Abuse Noted.

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