Gamemode Rebel Outfits Broken
Title of Bug: Rebel Outfits Broken

When I try to equip the rebel outfits through F1 menu -> Character -> model customization -> inventory clothing, it states:
    "Selected model invalid for current job/gender. Please re-open playermodel selector."

I have attempted the following to remedy this:
1) switching teams to rebel.
2) Using rebel male clothes as a male / rebel female clothes as female.
3) Reconnecting.
4) I was able to successfully equip both the male rebel outfit and the female rebel outfit by equipping them through F1 menu -> inventory -> clothing. However, this does not offer the customization that is offered by going through F1 menu -> Character -> model customization -> inventory clothing .

Error message upon attempting to equip female rebel outfit:
Spoiler :
[Image: 1hhlSMp.png]
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It's been broken for some time, and apparently fixed but I still have this problem too
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can confirm
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+1 issue is still happening
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