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On the 13th at 20:00 there will be a global DayZ event on the main server.

All you need to do is join at 20:00 British Standard Time and there will be a global DayZ apocalypse for a few hours.

During the duration of the event you will not be allowed to equip your own weapons but rather have to find weapons laid out across the map. You can free-roam around in the whole map and explore and gather weapons and ammo.

You can team up in groups or just simply roam around yourself. We'll try to make some military locations Etc. Etc. with high value weapons - we're also planning to add some cars that will be able to be lockpicked.

You can use kevlar/your own food Etc. We realize ideally it would not be allowed but we simply cannot monitor it and therefore we'll rather just allow it. Be advised you are not able to equip your own weapons during the dayZ event - you have to find them on the map.

If you die you will spawn back into the safezone and can respawn. NLR does not apply either on this event.

Here's some important information:
Spoiler :
Quote:- NLR does not apply
- RDM does not apply
- CDM does not apply

- You cannot propkill
- You cannot spawn dupes
- You cannot spawn your own cars.
- You can create realisticfortifications without keypads
- You are not able to become a government member

We hope you find this event interesting and find the time to join.
A lot of people have been wanting some more aggressive events and this will be our first attempt.

If there's any criticism about how this event was conducted/setup please send a message to me or Steven and we'll use it to improve the next event!


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Looking forward to it!
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Very interesting! Looking forward to it, great work EC Team.
Kind Regards,
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eat me
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Pretty rad stuff, can't wait!
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+REP here so that Self doesn't overtake me!
We hope to maybe have an aggressive themed event each month, it will be a lot of fun!

If you guys have any other ideas for themes/event ideas and such you can approach the Event Managers or the Event Coordinators and we can get it done
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Time to kill some bitches with shotguns !
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This is so sick!

Maybe we could have a king of the hill styled event in future? Just an idea

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Looks like an interesting event, nice to see a aggresive event!
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This will be a lot of fun. Good to see you guys balancing agg/passive events.
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