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Violet kittie
Your Name: Pussyki

Accused Staff Member: Violet kittie

Involved users

Date & Time (GMT): 26/12/20 @ 22:45 GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Infringement of the rules

Explanation and Evidence
"The player requesting an unban must be given at least one further response to the admins initial reply. The only exception to this is if the UBR is very clearly a troll UBR."

That was not a troll UBR, the admin broke the rules in the UBR section which is rule 8.
Hello Mr. Puss,
Thank you for taking your precious time to this AA.
Like I said in your UBR, despite being warned many times you continued to break multiple rules. Firstly, you were demoted by Taxi from the Vice President job and kicked from the server by myself for your FailRP behavior. After you rejoined, you continued FailRP attitude in OOC, advert, and Government broadcast. You ignored all of our warnings and decided to keep FailRPing. 

The rules also say, 4. Do not write an unban request if you know you've broken the rules.

Kind Love:
Violet De Kittie
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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Thanks To MaxEvan For This Cute Signature Again!! 
In the rules that I was sent to by steven in the second UBR, it says that I have to be able to respond once before it is closed. I don't believe I broke the rules by the stuff I was saying in the server and did not continue FailRP OOC as it is OOC and also didn't continue saying anything at all OOC after I was kicked and didn't swear after I was warned. I said a few things in advert and broadcast but this was all In-character so I didn't believe there would be a problem but again, once I was shadow demoted, I no longer continued.

As for when I got banned, I forgot once after being told to add cover to a keypad inside the nexus that was on a stairway, one of the keypads was technically covered by the wall that was already there but the other was in a tight stairwell and cover would have been hard to add but yes, I did simply forget to add a single prop but I am not used to that being a thing.

The above could have been explained in the UBR instead of here but as you broke Rule 8, I couldn't which is why I made this Staff Report.
No grounds for an abuse case here. Violet will be reminded to allow a further response, but you should also not make a UBR when you know you've broken the rules.

Case closed.
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