Island RP
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Island RP

Piscator and Me are hosting an abandoned island roleplay.

All participants will be spawned on a stranded island.
We hope as many people can join as possible and first and foremost want to make it fun for aggressive and passiveRP'ers alike. It's supposed to be an experience but also a challenge , which means carelessness and not being cautious exploring the island will most likely get you killed. You don't need to be good or have any experience with RP from before. Just remember to follow the groundrules. :Thumbsup:

Spoiler :
During a Yacht party, the boat crashed into an island where they discover an old mystical man who has been 'expecting them'. Everyone will soon realize the only way to get off this island, is through this man's food, shelter and knowledge. Apparently only very few people can leave the island. The new residents quickly realize the island is quick and merciless in claiming lives.

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Here's some practical info:

- The event takes place 19.02.2021 - 20:00 British time.

- Try to spend a minute or two setting up a character.
    (Fitting for a yacht party)

- If you die you cannot return to the event.

Expected conduct:
During the event you will have to follow some ground rules.
Spoiler :
[Image: VkM1GcA.jpeg]

- Never break character whatsoever.

- Strictly follow fearRP and failRP.
  Which means:
            - Don't do anything you wouldn't do in a real life.
                  I.e.  Start randomly running around,
                          Randomly yelling or screeching in the voice chat,
                          Interrupting people for no reason,
                          Swimming out in the water for no reason,
                          Not being cautious,
                          Breaking character,
                          Trying to jump or 'bug' out of the RP area,


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Application Form
Post an application down below if you are interested!


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Sounds like fun, hope to be there!
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Haarek's events are great I wish I get approved
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when is it?
Where am I?
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