[CHANGELOG] Minor Updates
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This thread will serve as an ongoing, more detailed changelog for updates which do not require their own thread but need further explanation than what can be described in a regular changelog entry.

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Vending machines have gotten an upgrade! Here is a quick rundown of what has been changed:
Vending machines now have stock, meaning that a Chef will have to refill it once it has gone out of stock. A notification will appear on any online chef's screen stating that a vending machine has gone out of stock. If there is no chef on it will automatically refill after an hour. The maximum stock of the vending machine is 5 per item.

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The vending machine will also visually show that it has run out of stock, and you will no longer be able to purchase from it. (changes to red)

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The chef will earn $250 from restocking it.

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E = Purchase item
Shift + E = Restock vending machine (Chef only)
Vending machines still have the ability to fail, on a low chance.
If a chef is online, the noodle item will become unavailable to purchase from the machine, turning yellow.

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  • Vending machines have stock
  • Must be refilled by a Chef using Shift + E
  • Vending machines auto-refill once per hour if there is no chef online
  • Removed the menu, now integrated into the entity
  • Optimised code 100000000%

Item price table:
  • Water = $480, refills 10, special ability = removes drunk effect
  • Lemonade = $360, refills 5
  • Soda = $340, refills 6
  • Noodle = $750, refills 25
  • Kinder = $260, refills 5
  • Dorito = $400, refills 6

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Its My Birthday! 
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Chess and checker boards have been added to Grass area beside Sweet Suite Furnishing and Nexus Front. Players can spectate a game in progress. A leaderboard can be accessed by /topchess or /topcheckers or /topdraughts Credits to the original addon author.

Spoiler: chess
[Image: e0f107hfz9x]
[Image: 539axsse7rly]
[Image: f3w17fd9g69mly]

Thanks to Conn, Divey, Tomo Pollux, TonettaFan #2319 and Ryan  for helping me test.
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