Aggressive Cavendish Corp.
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"Technology, Business, Legal Services and Security are all that are required for the modern city of today to run effectively and efficiently and we wish to secure that for Evo City, which we have seen fall into plagues of corruption, poverty and criminality. I yearn for us to learn and live with a better tomorrow that we can help by expanding in as a Corporation."
Founder Dr Christopher Sanford
Founding Era - Corporation is Private                                                             
22/07/2020 - Founded by Dr Christopher Sanford
23/07/2020 - Cavendish Corporation established two sectors: Security and Business
25/07/2020 - Cavendish Corporation established a new sub-sector under Business: Technology                                                                            
First Era - Corporation becomes Public                                                                     
29/07/2020 - Job interviews opened for the first time                                                                                                                                 
Business - Finding clients, making sure our corporation works financially efficient and hiring new employees. Another responsibility is to drive new initiatives to motivate staff and help the public. 
Security - Training new recruits in all things security who will eventually be deployed to help others.                                                                      
(S) Technology - A sub-sector in Business which depends on our scientists, developers and engineers to research new technology for our corporation and city.
Job Applications
Applications are to be given in person to our reception that you can find here: CLICK
By applying, you consent that your data will be used by the Cavendish Corporation whether you are accepted into our recruit scheme or not.
Current Corporation Initiatives
Business - Recruitment drive beginning 29/07/2020 until 12/07/2020(subject to change)
Security - New training programme development and new training instructor recruitment
Technology - Classified
Kind regards,
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Dr Christopher Sanford
CEO of Cavendish Corp.
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Looking amazing. I heard about this coming so I am glad to see it here. 

Best of luck mate!
Kind Regards,

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Looks great mate, best of luck!

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Looks good, good luck!
Looks good, Can't wait for it to grow.
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