Steam Name: Dimitris

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:127839448

BlacklistID(s): 107175

Blacklist Reason
PR - Accepted

Staff Member: Haarek

Involved users
Me, Midget and falc

Why should you be unblacklisted?

I will keep this short as I will wait for replies from said involved users. I simply can not understand how one day we are all 3 in a sit and I get told that what I did was just fine ( Considering that the distances on both situation were kind of similar and the other day I receive a blacklist for quite and identical situation. 

As I have mentioned countless times, I have been told over the years that walking inside nexus solely to kill the president, violence becomes your only resort. Taking someone hostage would be more than useless for far too many reasons. Firstly because I have no actual use for him, I am not seeking money I am seeking blood so a hostage means nothing to me, secondly he will only slow me down and possibly get me killed ( Not to mention that in dictator situation, dictators will never care for hostages as they value their own life first ) and thirdly what exactly will I do after I tie him up? If I let him off just walking around I will most likely get told off, because as far as I am aware you can not tie someone up and then just leave him, neither can I just carry him around with me.

Anyways I will be waiting on the involved members replies and I am hoping that Falc's input will clear up with whole mess of a situation.

 Also I was later informed that when Bobby and Midget were deciding my faith crucial information was not displayed. I am on about the fact that a few days ago I had been in a sit that Midget created which Midget had to call in falc as he is an aggressive role player to bring in his perspective, in that sit Falc did not find anything wrong and Midget fully agreed with him hence why I was let off with not even a warning I was pretty much told that what I did was not wrong. So why exactly 3 days later the same thing gets hold against me when the distances were pretty much the same. ( Also I would like to point out that the situations were not different what so ever they are literally identical ) ( Also the whole blacklist reason is wrong, I had a valid reason to kill him but what you are questioning is me using violence as my only resort which I have explained earlier )
Hey Dimitris,

The two situations differ in terms of distance from the killed officer. In the mentioned sit with Me and Falc the officer was killed from a distance with you being in close proximity to the nexus. In the most recent situation a lot of factors were different;
- you were within 2 meters of the officer
- The officer was obviously unarmed
- You were not close to the nexus
- You spent Approx. 8 seconds holding the officer under gunpoint before you decided to blatantly kill him.


You should have tied the officer up if you didn't want him to come back afterwards. Tying him up not only leaves him stranded until someone helps him, it also removes his weapons and tools to make him unable to easily come after you. There is no rule against tying people up under a raid like this and it is perfectly valid and you would not have been "told off" for it.

In this case you did not use violence as a last resort and you blatantly killed an unarmed officer at the BP changing the color of his car. You should've tied him up. Raiding a dictator is no excuse for such a killing. Falcs input on this is not needed and he is not involved in the punishment dealt out on this specific case.

The decision is non negotiable and final.
End of discussion.

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